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Tsuki No Seika Vol 4 cover art

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Forced Exposure

Hisato Higuchi / Zelienople
Tsuki No Seika Vol 4

Release Date: April 3, 2011

This has really been a long time in the making. It's great to finally see this project reach the light of day. Originally conceived as a 7" box set, 'Tsuki No Seika' will now be offered up as a subscription only 7" series in four installments. Each 7" will be a split, and each artist has contributed an a capella track. That is to say, vocals only! In addition, all of the artwork is done by the artist. Copies will not be sold in stores, or via mp3 download sites, and we have no plans to re-release this material in another format in the future. The contributing artists are: * Grouper * Christina Carter * Richard Youngs * Islaja * Xela * Zelienople * Hisato Higuchi * Valet