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Fountain cover art

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Danny Paul Grody

Release Date: January 15, 2010

Fountain is the first solo recording by Danny Paul Grody, founding member of both San Francisco-based bands Tarentel and The Drift. Centered around sparkling acoustic guitar motifs, the album unfolds as a series of hypnotic mood pieces and evening hymns with a spectral lyricism invoking scenes of moving images and passing landscapes. Conceived from a collection of home recordings made over the course of a year, the album perfectly distills many of the musical forms from which Grody gravitates towards, namely the chiming kora music of West Africa, the 70's wave of American underground acoustic guitar players, and a number of long form / drone composers and performers. Together these influences combine to produce something unique and personal. Many of the songs are formed around mantra-like figures, small clusters of notes stacked upon one another like building blocks. Bell-like harmonics, organ beds, location recordings, and backgrounds of feedback are textured throughout, giving the record a lovely patina of earth tones and moments of shimmering bright light. Fountain is an assured first statement, a record that has been hidden in Grody for many years and has proven to be well worth the wait. CD edition of 500.