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Feelings In America cover art

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Pete Swanson
Feelings In America

Release Date: September 21, 2010

Despite asserting that he "quit music in 2001..but kept recording in his basement because it helped him avoid interacting with others", Pete Swanson has been a very busy guy. As half of (the now defunct) Yellow Swans for most of the decade, Swanson somehow found the time to collaborate with scores of folks (see Badgerlore, Maggoted, and Sarin Smoke for starters) while also slowly carving out his own bleak vision of loner sound. 'Feelings In America' is the most recent salvo from Swanson, and it's as blown out and muddy as you would expect from a damp Portland basement. Three tracks of guitar & vocals lost in a sea of white hot electronic overload that, according to Swanson, "sounds exactly like his old band, but funnier in a depressing sort of way." Edition of 300 LP's.