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Divide cover art

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Liz Harris

Release Date: December 1, 2010

After months of work we are very happy to finally announce 'Divide', a book of drawings and an accompanying video by Liz Harris. Harris' visual work runs in parallel to her music as Grouper, and often times overlaps into the same vision. 'Divide' maps out dense organic patterns, passages filled to the edges with overgrowth and fractured geometry. Minimal strokes are taken to maximal repetitions to form complex mazes in high contrast. Other images float in space like hex symbols from prehistory, portals to some other place & time. The accompanying video (with soundtrack) of black & white Rorschach voids should be familiar to anyone who has seen a recent Grouper show. Book is 7" by 7", 60 pages, soft cover with a color cover & black and white images. DVDR is all regions. Edition of 500.