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Sabrina Ratté – Sightings 0

First video of a trilogy.

Frank Stella, Jordan Stein & Philip Johnson’s Glass House 0

Belated assembly of items on a path of discovery to Philip Johnson’s Glass House by way of Frank Stella and Glass, house‘s Jordan Stein.

Required viewing:

Required reading:

Recent Raum performance at the Glass House:

Liz Harris – Repeating Patterns 10 – CAFAM, LA – Saturday 0

RP10 in progress

Liz Harris’ Repeating Patterns 10 (version)
CAFAM group show opening in LA this Saturday – Opening at 7pm

More info here.

The Quixotic Videos of Steve Roden 0

Pulse Emitter – Experimental Half Hour 0

Okyo 0

Für Alina 0

Synth Britannia 0

James Tenney 0

‘For Percussion Perhaps, Or…. (night)’ was written for Harold Budd as one of Tenney’s Postal Pieces.


Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 8.41.55 AM


Thanks to Root Strata buddy Meara O’Reilly for the scan!

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