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Morton Feldman Primer – Vol 1

Rothko Chapel (1971)
Morton Feldman

1. 9:07
2. 4:35
3. 2:57
4: 4:38
5: 2:44

UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus
David Abel – Viola
Karen Rosenak – Celeste
William Winant – Percussion
California EAR Unit

Recorded October 1990, Marin County California.


To a large degree, my choice of instruments (in terms of forces used, balance and timbre) was affected by the space of the chapel as well as the paintings. Rothko’s imagery goes right to the edge of his canvas, and I wanted the same effect with the music – that it should permeate the whole octagonal-shaped room and not be heard from a certain distance. The result is very much what you have in a recording – the sound is closer, more physically with you than in a concert hall.
-Morton Feldman




  1. Ryan on March 8th, 2010

    Hey, thanks so much for posting these links. I’ve become a huge Feldman man over the pat few weeks because of this site…

    WOuld you be able to post For John Cage? That would be fantatic…


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