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Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 7 – Trust Your Child 9

V/A – Trust Your Child
Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 7 – Trust Your Child

Side A
01. Anonymous – I Won’t Go To Macy’s Anymore
02. Otis Redding (The Big O) – Stay In School
03. Nancy Dupree & The Ghetto Reality Youngsters – Bag Snatchin
04. ??? – Police Man, Police Man
05. Bill Cosby – Here Comes The Dope Pusher
06. Jr. & The Soulettes – Mama Love Tequila
07. ??? – I Never Went To Collage
08. Eunice Ford & Group -Blind Child
09. Modern Lovers – Rockin’ Rockin’ Leprechauns
10. Red Kross – I’m Alright
11. ??? – Peas & Porridge
12. Moondog – Lullaby
13. Son Of P.M. – Luk Tung Klong Yao
14. Headstart Kids – Aint Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round
15. Grand Master Caz – Subway Rap #2
16. ??? – When I was A Baby

Side B
01. 6 Boys In Trouble – Everybody Leaves To Cha Cha Cha
02. Pookey Blow – Get Up (& Go To School)
03. ??? – Charlie Brown
04. Bruce & Ms. Nekon – Mudra
05. Bob Durough – 3 Is The Magic Number
06. Headstart Kids – Mississippi Wants Freedom
07. Bo Diddley – Do The Craw Daddy
08. ??? – Juan Crasrescado
09. Nancy Dupree & the Ghetto Reality Youngsters – James Brown
10. Blossom Dearie – Figure 8
11. Tony Spiridakis – The Records Over & There’s Nothing To Do


Joni Mitchell – California 4

John Martyn – R.I.P. 1

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 6 – Death Might Be Your Santa Claus 6

V/A – Death Might Be Your Santa Claus
Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 6 – Random 78’s from 1903 to 1953.

I can’t even deal with the “Extensive Drunken Liner Notes” for this one, so a hi res jpeg is included.
Knock yourself out.


Q&A – Brendan Murray 4

1. Analog or Digital?’
Both, always.

2. What time did you wake up today?
Much later than I was supposed to…

3. Last thing you read?
Godard’s essay on Tarkovsky from his (JLG’s) Maoist period.  I should read that again.

4. Whats your first memory?
Having my shoes tied in Northborough, MA around 1976.

5.Tea Or Coffee?
Coffee and too much of it.

6. Last thing you cooked?
A nice red sauce with chicken sausage.

7. If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?
A sloth.  Or Otis Redding.  One of the two.

8. What inspires you?
People who try hard.  Thoughtful execution. Self-reliance. Scott Walker. Burritos.

9. Last record you played?
“Extraterrestrial Live” by Blue Oyster Cult.  Massive.

10. Favorite piece of musical equipment?
When I lived in Jamaica Plain, I found a Epiphone Les Paul copy in my basement  with a lousy ground hum and a terrible bridge.  I play that thing whenever I can.

11. Last movie you saw?
I’ll admit to “Wild Combination”, the Arthur Russell documentary, which I liked very much.

12. Who do you love?
My friends.

13. Do you have any pets?
I am currently befriending my roommate’s cat.

14. Are you useful?
I often get “Do you work here?” when I am in a store, which makes me believe I appear useful.

15. Biggest fear?
That I will run out of ideas.

16. What do you value the most?

17. Famous last words?
“Not my problem.”

Brendan Murray lives and makes music in  Cambridge Massachusetts. His next disc is due sometime soon on Students Of Decay and he is scedualed to perform along side filmaker Paul Clipson in 23 Five’s next Activating The Medium festival here in SF this spring. Check him here.

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 8 – Wrong Time To Be Right 7

V/A – Wrong Time To Be Right
Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 8 – Post War Folk Music

Side A
01. Elizabeth Cotton – Reuben
02. Scott & Rosie Dunbar – Easy Rider
03. Charlie Feathers & R.L. Burnside – Feel Good Again
04. John Ziegler – Who’s Gonna Be Your Man
05. Robert Pete Williams – Grown So Ugly
06. Blind Willie McTell – Dyin’ Crap Shooters Blues
07. Carl Perkins – Her Love Rubbed Off
08. Funny Lewis – On The Road Again

Side B
01. Jimmy Lee Williams – Hoot Your Belly, Give Your Backbone Ease
02. ??? – ???
03. William Robertson – Frolicking
04. Cast King – Wrong Time To Be Right
05. Joseph Speace – Sloop John B
06. John Hurt – Spanish Fandang
07. Watson Family – Your Long Journey
08. Michael Hurley – Lonsme Graveyard
09. Rocky Erickson – Right Track Now


Mahmoud Ahmed – Tew Limed Gelaye 0

Found this posted over at Skull Theft. Speaks for itself.

Beyonce – At Last 1

Chaabi Music From Al-Maghrib – Mississippi Cassette – MRC-09 5

Chaabi Music From Al- Maghrib
Mississippi Cassette

A bit of a departure from the Mississippi Tape Series (other’s coming soon!) but rest assured, this is indeed from the source. A beautiful and searing collection of Moroccan popular music.


Animal Collective – My Girls 5

You’ve probably already seen this embedded ad nauseam all over the internet/blogosphere but I don’t care. It’s a killer song and the video is rad. Check it!

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