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Consciousness 1

Alice Coltrane
Universal Consciousness
Impluse LP, 1971

01. Universal Consciousness (5:07)
02. Battle At Armageddon (7:21)
03. Oh Allah (5:01)
04. Hare Krishna (8:15)
05. Sita Ram (4:47
06. The Ankh Of Amen-Ra (6:10)


Early Works 2

Rolf Julius
Early Works Vol. 1 (1979-1982)
Fringes Archive CD, 2004

01. Music on Two High Poles (1979)
02. Morning Song (Berlin Concert Series, 1981)
03. Music for the Earth (Berlin Concert Series, 1981)
04. Music for the Eyes (1981)
05. Music for a Pane of Glass (1980)
06. Music for a Yellow Room (Berlin Concert Series, 1982)
07. Chamber Concert for Three Loudspeakers (Berlin Concert Series, 1982)
08. Concert for a Frozen Lake (Berlin Concert Series, 1982)


Rolf Julius died on January 21st.
Steve Roden wrote a nice piece about Julius you can read on his blog here.

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye 1

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye // Trailer

Habil Aliyev 1

Check out the excellent Holy Warbles blog for more Habil.

Next To Nothing 1

White Heaven
Next to Nothing
Noon Disk, CD 1994

01. 正午の庭 (Midsummer Stroll)
02. Shadow Of The Sun
03. Look Of Love
04. Out There

Incredible release featuring one of my favorite guitarists of all time, Michio Kurihara (also longtime Ghost member). When psych was a big deal in the mid/late 90’s Japanese underground, White Heaven were dropping sick ballads with an edge.


Electronic Music for Dance 3

Bulent Arel & Daria Semegen
Electronic Music for Dance
Finnadar Records LP, 1978

01. Arc- Music for Dancers (13:50)
02. Mimiana I – Flux (10:42)
03. Mimiana II – Frieze (13:10)
04. Mimiana III – Six & Seven (12:30)


Thanks to GD for the rip!

Tarot 1

Walter Wegmüller
Spalax 2xCD reissue, 1994

Disc One
01. Der Narr
02. Der Magier
03. Die Hohepriesterin
04. Die Herrscherin
05. Der Herrscher
06. Der Hohepriester
07. Die Entscheidung
08. Der Wagen
09. Die Gerechtigkeit
10. Der Weise
11. Das Glücksrad
12. Die Kraft

Disc Two
01. Die Prüfung
02. Der Tod
03. Die Mässigkeit
04. Der Teufel
05. Die Zerstörung
06. Die Sterne
07. Der Mond
08. Die Sonne
09. Das Gericht
10. Die Welt

Krautrock supergroup featuring Walter Wegmüller, Manuel Göttsching, Klaus Schulze, Harald Grosskopf, Hartmut Enke, and others.


Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 64 – The Sound Of Fear Vol. 1 13

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 64 – The Sound Of Fear Vol. 1


Help for Gregory from Common Eider, King Eider 0

Gregory (in the middle there) from CEKE was shot in an attempted mugging recently, and we are trying to help with the raising of money for his medical bills…

Life is always unpredictable, yes, sometimes in violent ways, yes.  But the unpredictable violence that too often seems woven into our societies has, over the past year or so,  reared its head with frightening frequency in the lives of friends and loved ones and creative cohorts…and now mine.  On Monday evening the 10th of January while walking in Oakland to what would have been my first class learning Eastern European folk music forms, two quite young, possibly teenaged men (boys?) armed with a pump action .22 caliber rifle attempted to rob me.  Demanding a wallet I didn’t have, the situation escalated until I was shot in the right foot – in the moment I barely felt it, instead screamed curses at them and they eventually gave up and left the scene.  Thankfully I was just by a fire station, was able to call for help with a passer-by’s assistance, so on and so forth.  What I didn’t know then is that the bullet shattered a bone that rests on my heel, just missing two arteries and only touching the neighboring bone.  What that has come to mean is a bone patched together with plates and screws, three months on crutches, a few more months of physical therapy, no ability to work until July, almost certain arthritis and the possibility of the bone partially dying and eventually crumbling, a life that was moving at a rather exuberant pace suddenly slowed to a sometimes literal crawl.
Lest I sound like I’m wringing my hands, let me assure you there were macabre jokes aplenty in the E.R. room, photos taken to document the pools of blood and the curious way the I.V. tubes complemented my tattoo work, hospital staff noting that blue scrubs probably weren’t my preferred color, given the head to toe black of my clothes.  Nothing like getting shot for a good laugh!

People often ask if the would-be robbers were caught.  Well, no, and yet…they are caught in their own behavior, caught in a depraved existence.  Obviously I know nothing about them, other than that they wore clean clothes, one had a fresh haircut and diamond stud earrings, they looked like they’d ransacked some parent’s gun cabinet or perhaps the rifle was a Christmas present?  And if they are caught by the police, what then?  More people in prison, lives further degraded?  I can only hope they were rattled enough to not try it again, though I fear that is wishful thinking.  And sharing my tale of woe has revealed others’ recent episodes of muggings and close calls, too often involving guns.  I can’t claim to understand what metaphysical storm has unleashed all this local violence, I puzzle over ways to counter it, I’m not coming up with many answers.  Politicians may grandstand and pontificate, especially in the wake of the shootings in Arizona, but really that means nothing when you’re on the street and someone has a gun pointed at your face.

So this is a plea then – a humble request for small financial donations for a bay area musician-type who’s not sure how he’ll pay his rent in the coming months, but more importantly a plea for everyone to take care of each other, keep eyes open and look out for friends and loved ones, find ways to make the streets safe or transport people safely through them.  We shouldn’t live in fear, but life is displaying too many reasons to be cautious.

Take care and best wishes to all,

paypal: robotmonkeysathotmaildotcom

Radigue & KFW Interview 1

Interview with Eliane Radigue & Keith Fullerton Whitman by kfw

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