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Video by William Sabiston for Pete Swanson’s song “Stuff It” from the album “I Don’t Rock at All” on 3 Lobed Recordings.

RIP Chris Marker 2



Nice Guardian obituary here.


Pekka Airaksinen
Buddhas Of Golden Light
O Records LP, 1984

01. Sukirti (9:30)
02. Suvarnasatarasmibhasagarbha (3:01)
03. Ratnasikhin (7:17)
04. Kandasuryapradipa (15:53)



Rootmix: kiwi mix 2

Kiwi mix

01. The Bilders: On The Beach (1982)
02. The Great Unwashed: It’s A Day (1983)
03. Victor Dimisich Band: Native Waiter (1983)
04. Kiwi Animal: Mudsinging (1985)
05. Goblin Mix: Unusual Wish (1985)
06. Alpaca Brothers: The Lie (1986)
07. Tall Dwarfs: The Slide (1987)
08. Graeme Jefferies: All The Colours Run Dry (1987)
09. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos: Rain (1988)
10. Plagal Grind: Marquesite Lace (1990)
11. Stephen Kilroy: 45 Degrees Below Frozen (1990)
12. Peter Jefferies: On An Unknown Beach (1991)
13. The Dead C: World (1992)
14. The Garbage And The Flowers: Carousel (1992)
15. Trash: A Short Poem With The Voice Of William Burroughs In Mind (1992)
16. Dadamah: Brian’s Children (1992)
17. David Kilgour: The Bootlegger (1995)
18. Chris Knox: Vol au Vent (1995)
19. Cyclops: Alice (1994)
20. Robert Scott: Laid To Rest (1997)
21. Roy Montgomery: Used To (1999)
22. Alastair Galbraith: Green Dream (2000)
23. The Hundred Dollar Band: Engine Song (2006)
24. A.J. Sharma: Cody Pith (2009)



1: Analog or Digital?

2: What time did you wake up today?

3: Last thing you read?
‘ when things fall apart ‘ Pema Chodron

4: Whats your first memory?
Being terrified of the clown my mother hired for my birthday party and hiding under the table

5: Tea Or Coffee?
Coffee. I had my first matcha the other day. I love both.

6: Last thing you cooked?
The last thing i cooked would have been a few months ago on the bbq that is now in storage along with everything else in my life.

7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?
a cat in the sun, a giant sequoia ? ? ?  not sure about this one.

8: What inspires you?

9: Last record you played?
Burial ‘ Untrue ‘ . . . at the gym.

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?
a tie between my Roland JV1010 synth module and my Roland R77 drum machine.

11: Last movie you saw?
I watched half of Donnie Darko before falling asleep last night.

12: Who do you love?
I love

13: Do you have any pets?
R.I.P. Iodine the Dalmatian, Winston the Persian , Summer the keeshond, Alaska the Black feral cat born in a dresser, and Nimrod the goldfish.

14: Are you useful?
yes .

15: Biggest fear?
of being alone on this journey

16: What do you value the most?
my heart being open

17: Famous last words?
I will quote the last thing Jefre said to me before he left for Europe because I really love it ,  “stay vulnerable”

Young Moon is William Trevor Montgomery, a California native and a founding member of Tarentel, The Drift, Lazarus & Moholy-Nagy, to name a few.
Navigated Like the Swan‘ is his first release under his new name and it will be out this Friday the 27th via Western Vinyl.


Infinite Body, En, Vestals, Ashley Bellouin – Liminal Space, Oakland – Tomorrow Night! 1

Infinite Body
Ashley Bellouin

Liminal Space
950 54th Street
Oakland, CA 94608

9pm, $6-10

Live in San Francisco – 1970 1

Tom Carter benefit – Common Eider King Eider, Jon Porras, Bill Orcutt – Hemlock Tavern, SF – Tonight! 0


Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 56 – This is where love has left me – RE-UP 6


You Are Gorgeous And I’m Coming (1000DB) 1

You Are Gorgeous And I’m Coming (1000DB)
EN/Of 045
LP, 2011

01. A1073 (10:40)
02. Sexualglied von eigener Person beschaut werden. (10:40)
03. You Are Gorgeous And I’m Coming (1000DB) (14:14)


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