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JS Truchy – Transmission… Video Remix 0

Video by Guillaume Vallée

Vision Heat Pre Chosen Themes – Root Strata 2015 Mix 0

Vision Heat Pre Chosen Themes – Root Strata 2015 Mix by Vision Heat on Mixcloud



SK KAKRABA – “BENEKPONGBILE” from forthcoming YONYE LP (2015) on Sun Ark Records.

Spencer D – Mixtape for The Lake Radio 3

An international mix of fluid ambient and concreté sounds and textures from Spencer Doran (Visible Cloaks).

Tsukasa Suzuki – Telephone Singer
Lury Lech – Ukraïna
Unknown Burundi Singers – Duo De Jeunes Filles / Solo De Femme
Patricia Escudero – Valse du chocolat aux amandes (Erik Satie, 1891)
Michel Chion – La machine á passer le temps
Other Music – MN.2
Ricardo Mandolini – Cancion De Madera Y Agua
Raviv Gazit – One
Lena Platonos ‎– Γκάλοπ
Pep Llopis – El Vell Rey de la Serp
Clannad – Ocean of Light
Suso Saiz – Nada de lo que Sucede
Hiroshi Yoshimura ‎– Soft Wave For Automatic Music Box
Lino Capra Vaccina – Vocis
Todd Barton – The River Song
Nóirín Ní Riain – An Caoineadh
Inoyama Land – Tide
Nuno Canavarro – Antica/Burun

Sr Dagar Brothers – Raga Todi, Paris 1964 0

Jeff Witscher sk8vid 3

Psychfolk is a Nine Letter Word 2


Compelling psychfolk mix from the Creepy Powers blog from back in 2011 – very deserving of a repost.

Original download here.

01 When I Awoke – Agincourt from “Fly Away” (1970)
02 Rosemary Hill – Fresh Maggots from “Fresh Maggots” (1971)
03 Who Can Be Muddy – Can Am Des Puig from “The Book of AM Pts. 1 &2″ (released 2006)
04 Eleven Willow – C.O.B. from “Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart” (1972)
05 Street Song – Carol Kleyn from “Love Has Made Me Stronger” (1976)
06 Back to Stay – Bridget Saint John from “Songs for the Gentle Man” (1971)
07 On Namo Buddhaya –Between from “Dharana” (1977)
08 Le Luneux – Malicorne from “Almanach” (1976)
09 Earth People – Ramases from “Space Hymns” (1971)
10 The Wedding of the Lamb – Aphrodite’s Child from “666” (1972)
11 The Capture of the Beast – Aphrodite’s Child from “666” (1972)
12 Heaven Heath – Mellow Candle from “Swaddling Songs” (1972)
13 Favours of the Muse – Can Am Des Puig from “The Book of AM Pts. 1 &2″ (released 2006)
14 Children of the Dawn – The Children of Lir from “Loudest Whisper” (1974)
15 Sleeping Beauty (Samba Des Vampires) – Acanthus from “Le Frisson Des Vampires” (1971)
16 Dreaming With Alice – Mark Fry from “Dreaming With Alice” (1972)
17 Haanja Miis – Reet Hendrikson from “Reet” (1969)

Album art from Michaelangelo’s “One Voice Many” (1971)

Many thanks to Creepy Powers for sending the track list over!

Sabrina Ratté – Sightings 0

First video of a trilogy.

Frank Stella, Jordan Stein & Philip Johnson’s Glass House 0

Belated assembly of items on a path of discovery to Philip Johnson’s Glass House by way of Frank Stella and Glass, house‘s Jordan Stein.

Required viewing:

Required reading:

Recent Raum performance at the Glass House:

Liz Harris – Repeating Patterns 10 – CAFAM, LA – Saturday 0

RP10 in progress

Liz Harris’ Repeating Patterns 10 (version)
CAFAM group show opening in LA this Saturday – Opening at 7pm

More info here.

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