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Head Cleaner – Keith Fullerton Whitman 0

Keith Fullerton Whitman
Live Generators (1)

Really nice (and nice looking!) new double c38 / c34 cassette from Keith documenting the first wave of performances of  his ‘Generator‘ set up, including his brain melter from On Land last year. You can still grab copies (but probably not for very long) over at MMS!

generator 1.0 • 090919 • cafe du nord, san francisco

Head Cleaner – EKHEIN 5

I always enjoy getting a new batch from Ekhein. Aside from the music being consistently spot on, Matt’s serial layouts have a really effective touch and are a nice respite from the usual design wackiness out there…

Center Self

For the last couple of years I’ve pretty much snatched up any of Matt’s Earn  tapes (no LP yet?!?) I can find. His stuff seems to always hit the spot when I’m in the need of loopy guitar haziness…and that’s pretty often.


Migrations In Rust
Seasons Cast In Pearl

First I’ve heard of Migrations In Rust & I’m diggin it. Side A sounds like some weird Glass Armonica tampering, while the flip builds up to sounding like a gamelan orchestra in space. Perfect!



Jonas Asher takes a break from Grasslung to make music that sounds a lot like Grasslung. Sincere Void will be out via RS on the 27th.



Apparently this is the last installment of this really nice series that pays homage to The King Of Pop. Dreamy synth/guitar (i think?) melancholy that will hopefully see the light of day as an LP set or CD someday


Head Cleaner – DRIPHOUSE / NO UFO 3

This is the first installment of what I hope will be a semi regular series of brief reviews of cassette tapes that come our way.

First up…

Nu New Age

Former Raccoo-oo-oon guitarist & current Brooklyn resident Darren Ho dropped another dose of Driphouse  earlier this year via the always delightful Nu New Age. If ornate holographic bursts of color are your thing (there mine!) then track this one down. Sounds like Darren has really found his rabbit hole and he seems to be having a good time in it. When’s the last time you heard someone open up a side with a harpsichord?


Garden (edit)

Soft Coast
Nice Up

Pretty much been blasting these two No UFO sides ad nauseum down in RSHQ lately. All compliments of Vancouver, BC head Konrad Jandavs.  Loving the Faust Tapes template in use here: analog tomfoolery one minute, guitar dirt the next, then booty bass after that. Probably why I’m not getting tired of this one. Completely lost feeling… and I mean that in the best way.

Edit from Side A:

Edit from Side B: