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TONIGHT! Golden Retriever and Jacaszek in Portland 2

Golden Retriever
DJ Spencer D

8:30 at
1001 Southeast Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97214

More info here.

BARN OWL – Live La Maroquinerie, Paris 0

Spirit of The Golden Juice 8

F.J. McMahon
Spirit of The Golden Juice
Private pressing, LP – 1969

01. Sister Brother (4:05)
02. The Road Back Home (3:12)
03. Early Blue (3:02)
04. Black Night Woman (3:22)
05. One Alone Together (2:57)
06. Five Year Kansas Blues (2:44)
07. Enough It Is Done (2:35)
08. The Learned Man (2:37)
09. The Spirit of the Golden Juice (3:33)


Anna Själv Tredje – Tussilago Fanfara 11

Anna Själv Tredje
Tussilago Fanfara
Silence, LP – 1977

A1. Mossen (7:21)
A2. Inkomster Utanför Tiden (11:28)
B1. Den Barbariska Söndagen (14:13)
B2. Tusen År & Sju Timmar (8:32)

Artwork by Tom Benson
Recorded by Lars Engdahl
Written by Karl Gasleben & Mikael Bojén


The Tower Recordings -The Fraternity of Moonwalkers 2

The Tower Recordings
The Fraternity of Moonwalkers
Audible Hiss, CD – 1996

Matt Valentine: acoustic guitar, vocals, autoharp, percussion
Spanish Wolfmann: cello, autoharp, guitar, trumpet, mandolin, percussion, vocals
S. Freyer, Esq.: drums, percussion, bass
PG Six: flute, whistle, acoustic guitar, piano, harp, vocals
Helen Rush: vocals, guitar, bass, organ, piano, harmonium, percussion, drums



Emerald Cocoon presents:
TRAPDOOR FUCKING EXIT, a series of performances taking place inside Helga Fassonaki’s Installation, Touching Them Touching Me – A Love Song for the Dead C at Human Resources gallery April 20 – 22, 2012.
Address: 410 Cottage Home St in Chinatown, 90012
$10 each night or $20 for all 3 nights!!

Friday April 20th, 7PM 
TOM CARTER – Pete Swanson once described him to me as a ‘wizard’ and I think he might be right. His last solo set in LA was one of the most life-affirming demonstrations of the term ‘slow-burn’ that I have ever seen. And you weren’t there. Please use this opportunity to correct yourself.
BRIAN CROOK (NZ) – guitarist/vocalist from The Renderers/The Terminals/Flies Inside The Sun/The Max Block/Scorched Earth Policy etc etc etc. If these names mean nothing to you then you may as well stay at home. Hand down New Zealands best guitarist. Ask anyone.
GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION – reclusive legends Barbara Manning and Seymour Glass in their first LA performance (3rd performance in 18 years!). In 2003 they released a ‘no instruments’ cover of ‘Tubular Bells’. We have no idea what is going to happen.
QUEEN VICTORIA – “I’m basically only interested in acoustic noise now” – Nick Malkin aka Queen Victoria
YEK KOO – Helga will perform the whole of her new ‘Love Song for the Dead C’ LP in its entirety for the first time.
* plus a performance in absentia by
ADAM WILLETTS (NZ) – Adam delivers a mailed-in dose of his non-denominational acid electronics from Christchurch.

Saturday April 21st, 7PM
CHARALAMBIDES – Forget obscure psych-folk reissue ‘gems’ hitting the shelves daily, you don’t have to look back to the pre-corporate takeover era to find modern psychedelic music of rare beauty. Tom and Christina Carter are perhaps the greatest living practitioners of the form in America. Having been through various configurations and conceptual approaches from avant-folk, through minimalist improvisation right out the other side into folk-form again over a period of 21 years they have consistently chosen the path less trodden, leaving behind them a body of work as monumental as that of Keiji Haino or The Dead C. Don’t get left behind in the wake of cheap party music and illusionary careerist cash dreams: there are visionaries in our midst.
500 MG – Michael Gibbons of psych warriors Bardo Pond performs in his 500mg guise for the first time in LA. Twisting/burning psilocybe mantras.
PURPLE PILGRIMS (NZ) – Sister duo from Christchurch, fog shrouded choral vox coated with distant reverb guitar. Immersive.
PETER KOLOVOS – Thin Wrist Recordings proprietor plays electric guitar like fireworks built out of stained glass.
GABIE STRONG – Local artist and bassist of Lady Noise.  No-one knows what to expect – bass?
UN CIEGO – Plans to one day release something that isn’t a lathe-cut. Perhaps a one sided c20 in an edition of 5?

Sunday April 22nd, 6PM
MARYROSE CROOK (NZ) – Of The Renderers/The Max Block/Above Ground (whose sole cassette was recently reissued by Siltbreeze). Aching loose country psych ballads from one of the godmothers of the NZ underground.
LA LAKERS (NZ) – New Zealand facsimile of LA basketball team slam dunks improvised tape compositions.
METAL ROUGE – First LA show in a few months and probably the last for a few more. New material. Less interested than ever in ‘entertaining’ you.
DEREK ROGERS – Recent Texas transplant with a million tapes on a million labels everywhere. Laminal.
BAILOUTS – First performance from new duo unit made up of members of The Faraday Trippers and Shelter Death. Something’s brewing in the OC and it’s not just kopi luwak.

Grouper / En – Japan Tour 2012 4

April 21 – 養源寺 (Yougenji Temple) – Tokyo w/ Illuha, Ichiko Aoba, Yusuke Date
April 23 – CONPASS – Osaka w/ Cuushe
April 24 – 城下公会堂 (Shiroshita Koukaido) – Okayama
April 25 – parlwr – Nagoya
April 28 – ヴィラ九条山 (Villa Kujoyama) – Kyoto w/ Cuushe, rimacona
April 29 – アートグミ (Art Gummi) – Kanazawa w/ Cuushe, Asuna
April 30 – VACANT – Tokyo w/ Cuushe, Sapphire Slows, Ikebana, Bun/Fumitake Tamura

More info here.

Tower of Meaning 5

Arthur Russell
Tower of Meaning
Chatham Square Productions – LP, 1983

01. Tower of Meaning (23:07)
02. Tower of Meaning (21:58)

Conducted by Julius Eastman. Produced and written by Arthur Russell

Recorded February 1981
With assistance from Beard’s Fund and NEA
Mastered at CBS
Special thanks to Tom Lee
Open Skylight Music ⓟ1983
Edition of 320 copies


En – Already Gone 1

Just released and shipping now, pick up En’s second full length ‘Already Gone’ in various formats on Students of Decay via Experimedia. En tours Japan with Grouper starting April 21st.

Chorus 0

Oldie but goodie.

Film by Paul Clipson, music by Gregg Kowalsky.

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