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Richard Youngs – Soon It Will Be Fire 0

Thanks Twells.

笙と篳篥 / Shou and Hichiriki 0

Oneohtrix Point Never – Arp – James Ferraro – Future Shuttle – Friday Aug 27th – Coco 66 – Brooklyn 0

Acoustic Levitation 2

Mirages 0

Video – Sabrina Ratté
Music – Le Révélateur

See Le Révélateur and Sabrina Ratté at On Land!

Pythagoron 4

Pythagoron Inc.

PY-1 LP 1977
Creel Pone, Cdr 2006

1. Untitled (21:04)
2. Untitled (21:11)


“You are relaxed, lying down in a darkened room-eyes closed, you mind quiets and the sound begins-it pours through like an enveloping shower. The tones gradually become a familiar place where ethereal images and ideas flicker, then solidify. Trusting the experience you let go and the sound seems to dissolve. You couldn’t describe this space-yet it’s deeply familiar, a personal awareness that always was slightly out of reach. Gradually it ends-coming back in stages-an experience as varied as your consciousness.

“PYTHAGORON™ brings you to a different place.”™

PYTHAGORON™ is not just music-but sound controlled with electronic precision to alter your awareness, to get you high. Developed through years of research into the resonant interaction of sound and brainwave patterns, PYTHAGORON™ sound is unique in concept and production.”

Vestals, Jon Porras, Plankton Wat – Live Shots @ Adobe Books 0


Jon Porras

Plankton Wat

Computer Music 3

Pietro Grossi
Computer Music
Creel Pone x2 CDr, 2006

Disc One
01. Dimostrazione Al Terminale (12:46)
02. Preludio II (Johann Sebastian Bach) (1:16)
03. Sei Canoni (Johann Sebastian Bach) (5:26)
04. Tempo I (Niccolò Paganini) (4:07)
05. Tempo II (Niccolò Paganini) (1:31)
06. Tempo III (Niccolò Paganini) (3:29)
07. Tempo IV (Niccolò Paganini) (2:09)
08. Tempo V (Niccolò Paganini) (9:06)

Disc Two
01. Combinatoria (3:45)
02. Polifonia (5:33)
03. Monodia (10:06)
04. Unending Music (Frammento) (19:43)

All compositions performed and arranged by Pietro Grossi using CNUCE-CNR facilities in Pisa, Italy.
All compositions realized on a DCMP and ATP on System/360 IBM Model 67, and the PLAY1800 on the IBM System 1800.


Spanish Flang Dang & A Jig 2

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