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Rootmix – Danny Paul Grody – Winter Guitars 5


Danny Paul Grody
Winter Guitars
Rootmix, 2012

1. A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland, 195 – Glenn Jones, The Wanting
2. Symmetry – George Cromarty, Grassroots Guitar
3. Tribute To The Philosophy Of James Estell Bradley – William Ackerman, It Takes A Year
4. Untitled – William Eaton, Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli
5. Hand in Hand in Hand (Agape Guitar Version) – Popol Vuh, The Werner Herzog Soundtracks
6. Red And White Light Ship – Gimmer Nicholson, Christopher Idylls
7. Life on it’s Way – Greg Malcolm & Tetuzi Akiyama, Six Strings
8. Inner Redoubt – Sir Richard Bishop, Intermezzo


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Other Works 3


Roberto Cacciapaglia
Sonanze/Sonances And Other Works 1972 – 1975
Proper CD, 2000

Sonanze 1st Movement 4:27
Sonanze 2nd Movement 4:12
Sonanze 3rd Movement 2:57
Sonanze 4th Movement 1:23
Sonanze 5th Movement 3:48
Sonanze 6th Movement 3:27
Sonanze 7th Movement 2:26
Sonanze 8th Movement 1:53
Sonanze 9th Movement 4:31
Sonanze 10th Movement 3:55
Skywaves 3:23
Electric Avenues 8:03
Birds Over Prague 1:00
Floating Clouds 2:28
Gongs 2:27
Mother And Cousin 3:00
Winds And Gong 3:05
Moog Sequence 2:17
Roxanne 5:57
Metal Windows 0:44
Slow Steps 4:21
Manuela 1:52
Rob Tiger 1:13
Sub-Electronic 1:54
Original Gongs 3:03


Thanks JD!

Episteme – Book and Record by John Davis & Collin McKelvey 1

“This collaborative project interprets workplace interiors within SFMOMA as an institutional environment marked with unique imprints of human activity. As the museum nears its expansion and complete physical transformation, all traces of habitation and day-to-day occupation will be obliterated. As such, the project aims to capture those traces through poetic response, highlighting fragments of workspace environments, human labor and the passage of time.”

Read more about the project and order the book here


Disco – D – Dance Tracs 5

Disco – D
Dance Tracs
Alleviated Records
produced by: ACE “SMOKIN” AMY
(a.k.a. Larry Heard)

A1 – Beat It
A2 – High Noon
B1 – (123-BPM)
B2 – (122-BPM)
B3 – (121-BPM)

Reverberations – Paul Clipson & Josh Churchill – Sculpture Center, Long Island City – THIS SATURDAY 0

Saturday December 15
shows @  2:30 and 4:30
Presented through the In Practice program
44-19 Purves Street
Long Island City