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Q&A – Jeff Witscher

1: Analog or Digital?
both, digital lately

2: What time did you wake up today?
8 & then 9

3: Last thing you read?
“sad little breathing machine” by matthea harvey

4: Whats your first memory?
laying on the carpet at my grandparents house

5: Tea Or Coffee?

6: Last thing you cooked?
chorizo w/ fried egg, kale & focaccia bread

7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be? n
Normandy landings, D day

8: What inspires you?

9: Last record you played?
lazy magnet “I’ve yet to meet the redeemer” 7″

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?
currently, ms 2000 & memory man w/ hazarai

11: Last movie you saw?
The Return by Andrey Zvyaginstev

12: Who do you love?
my family & friends

13: Do you have any pets?
watching over rose this month

14: Are you useful?

15: Biggest fear?
being erased & eternity

16: What do you value the most?
honesty & sincerity

17: Famous last words?
nail gun to kneecap drop

Jeff  Witscher lives in Portland Or. and records under the name Rene Hell. He’s also the boss behind the great Agents Of Chaos label.

  1. Josh walker on November 17th, 2010

    Ya jeff