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Ghostwriters – No Man’s Land

Ghostwriters – No Man’s Land
Zero Company Records

Side 1: Dance of the Spiritcatchers
Side 2: Sleep Walker, Sleep Walker

an amazing e.p. from this little known pennsylvania group consisting of charles cohen and jeff cain.

charles cohen solo on side 1 with an absolutely mesmerizing burner on the buchla music easel!

jeff cain solo on side 2 with a slightly dissonant off kilter terry riley zone.


and grab the ghostwriters ‘objects in the mirror are closer than they appear’ LP over at charles cohen’s blog HERE

  1. Scott Goodwin on February 19th, 2011


    Is this the same Charles Cohen from the Buchla Music Easel youtubes/vimeos?

  2. Scott Goodwin on February 19th, 2011

    I should have just followed the link that the very end of the post to answer that question, huh?

  3. gtd on February 21st, 2011

    yep, thats him, still bloopin’ along on his buchla after all these years.

    keith whitman and i played a live trio with him back in 2002 at princeton.
    we had never met him before, but it was a fun session. i think i might have a recording of it around somewhere…..

  4. RTC on March 3rd, 2011

    Yeah, this is some pretty awesome stuff!

    Super solid…

  5. Daniel on January 12th, 2013

    Anyone has the “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” LP. It is down on charles cohens page.
    Thank you!