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The East Village Other
LP, 1966

A collage of:
A1. Plastic Clock Radio: Luci’s Wedding
A2. Steve Weber: If I Had A Half A Mind
A3. Gerard Malanga and Ingrid Superstar: Gossip
A4. The Velvet Underground: Noise
A5. Marion Brown, Scott Holt and Ron Jackson: Jazz Improv
A6. Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky: Mantras
B1. Plastic Clock Radio: Luci’s Wedding
B2. Tuli Kupferberg: Love And Ashes (sung by Tuli Kupferberg and Viki Pollon with Peter Rawson on guitar)
B3. Ishmael Reed: The Free Lance Pall Bearers
B4. Andy Warhol: Silence (c copyright 1932)
B5. Ken Weaver and Ed Sanders: Interview With Hairy

cover: Walter Bowart
edited by: Richard Alderson, Allen Katzman, Betsy Klein, and Walter Bowart

An audio collage based on a radio broadcast about the wedding of Luci Johnson (daughter of U.S. President Johnson).

Removed by request.

  1. Tyler Monroe on May 12th, 2011

    Another great post, Maxime – thanks!

  2. BS on May 13th, 2011

    Though we appreciate your enthusiasm in sharing this music, ESP Disk’ request that you remove the link for free download.

    This kind of file sharing in the context of a small label is largely detrimental and will eventually put us out of business.

    East Village Other is a current title in the ESP DISK’ catalog and can be found and purchased legally here: or on Itunes. Excerpts from is will be reissued in on of our Fall 2011 releases.

  3. stupiddle on September 2nd, 2011