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Lipa Kodi Ya City Council – Mississippi Records

Lipa Kodi Ya City Council
Mississippi LP

1. Moussa Doumbi -Yeye Mousso
2. Yaseen Mohammed and Saada – Lala Mpenzi
3. Sami Kamar & The Black Diamonds – Egun Dide
4. Kabushi and Mwenya – Mwe Baiyashi Centeleni
5. Mbasela Kunda and William Monyanda – Nina Namusonda Sanguweji
6. Noviciat De Soeurs Missionaires De Notre-Dame D’ Afrique & Four Religious Drummers – Yesu Ka Mkwebase
7. Cabdulashi Iman Zamir, Amin Xaaji Cusmaan & Nuur Maxamed Curuba – Siina Miiri
8. Ester John, Fadhili William, Ben Nicholas & Fundi Konde – Mwanamali Wa Maridadi
9. Frida Sonko – Gwenasobya
10. Marehamu George Mukabi – Bibi Mama Ngani Mzuri
11. S.E. Rogie – Do Me Justice
12. Isaya Mwinamo – Lipa Kodi Ya City Council



“This LP Contains hard to find R&B, Pop, Highlife, Palm wine, Juju & Choral music recorded between 1967 & 1972. Please record any & all material for anybody you think may be interested in it. We are the song that our enemy sings.”
– From the liner notes.

  1. gd on October 8th, 2008

    thanks for sharing this one.
    i missed the boat on the LP, wish i could get a copy of it.

  2. Mike on October 8th, 2008

    Thanks a bunch! I missed the boat on this one too and have been very curious to hear it without paying the crazy eBay price for something they will likely reissue.
    I love the stuff Mississippi records has put out, I just wish they did it a little more on the legit side so the artists who created the great music got proper compensation.
    The link isn’t working for me, but I’ll try back later.

  3. Pete on October 8th, 2008

    oh man.. you know, most of the reissues are legit and in the case of the most controversial reissue, the Kayes LP, the artists were actually compensated and given artists copies, just not the owner of the rights to the music.. who.. supposedly does not compensate artists at all..

    not sure if Lipa Kodi Ya will get reissued.. I think it will eventually.. the Kayes LP will not due to the issues surrounding that record..

    they just reissued the Bongo Joe LP and an Irma Thomas LP.. both are great..

  4. Mike on October 8th, 2008

    If you dig the Kayes LP be sure to check out this one:
    If you dig around that blog you’ll find quality rips of 4 other LPs on the Mali Music label (Kayes included).

    I had not read that they compensated the musicians and am glad to hear it.

  5. Jefre on October 8th, 2008

    wow, thanks Mike for the link to that blog. Amazing stuff in there!!