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Q&A – Byron Westbrook

1: Analog or Digital?

Digital for making music, analog for listening to it. It’s hard to beat the combination of an old tube stereo amp and a good turntable.

2: What time did you wake up today?


3: Last thing you read?

I’m currently working on Spaces Speak, Are You Listening? / Experiencing Aural Architecture by Blesser and Salter

4: What’s your first memory?

I have lots of memories from way back, hard to know what was first. I remember flying on an airplane for the first time and my ears not being able to pop (I would have been a year and a half old). I also have a clear memory of a stained glass mobile above my bed/crib. I have lots of memories of songs on the radio at that time, and remember being in a record store with my mom when the Eagles’ Long Run album had just been released (I’d have been 2.5yo). There was a cardboard display of Kiss records that totally terrified me.

5: Tea Or Coffee?

Tea all the way, no coffee.

6: Last thing you cooked?

Eggs over easy with tempeh bacon, some kind of polenta/quinoa mix and a watercress salad.

7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?

Hmm…. Something with an inconceivable degree of consciousness would certainly satisfy a lot of curiosity, or at the other end of things, maybe a golden retriever since they always seem to be enjoying themselves.

8: What inspires you?

Art that is totally transportive and/or revelatory. People who genuinely care about what they are doing and do it well, without compromising for other interests. People who can play the hell out of an instrument.

9: Last record you played?

Enlightenment by McCoy Tyner

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?

That’s really tough. I picked up a Korg MS-10 earlier this year, which has been super addictive and inspiring to work with, but my Farfisa organ probably wins as the most magical piece I own. I’ve been wanting to get a harmonium for years, which I think could beat those out if I ever go for it.

11: Last movie you saw?

I tried to re-watch most of Kagaaz Ke Phool by Guru Dutt on Youtube the other day. Amazing film, though I wish there was a better quality physical release of it out there.

12: Who do you love?

Amazing friends and family.

13: Do you have any pets?

I wish, but I can’t commit. I love being around other people’s pets.

14: Are you useful?

I hope so. I’m a pretty great facilitator, I know that.

15: Biggest fear?


16: What do you value the most?

Integrity and honesty. People who are considerate and self-aware.

17: Famous last words?

I’m not sure about famous, but I’d bet that “hey guys, watch this” is pretty common.

Byron Westbrook lives in Brooklyn, NY and performs as Corridors. His insane multi-channel live sets have graced audiences around the US and Europe. In the absence of a gig (see below for Fall schedule), check out his release on Sedimental here.

09.25.2011 Byron Westbrook on EastVillageRadio: Radio Heart, 4-6PM EST
09.27.2011 CORRIDORS @ Zebulon, Brooklyn, NY w/En, Future Shuttle
09.30.2011 CORRIDORS @ Monkey House, Burlington, VT , w/Xela, High Aura’d
10.01.2011 CORRIDORS @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QC w/Xela, High Aura’d, Le Révélateur
10.23.2011 Phill Niblock Guitar Ensemble @ The Stone, New York, NY
10.29.2011 Byron Westbrook @ The Stone, New York, NY

  1. max on October 1st, 2011

    i dont get it…i really, really love 99% of the music you guys post. i think you all do a better job of curating your label than most anyone else. but every fucking person you interview is like, oh the last thing i cooked was fucking dried kale celery grass and fuck coffee. makes me like the music less.

  2. ilyas on October 1st, 2011

    if it helps at all, i know for a fact one 1/2 of golden retriever has eaten five different kinds of fancy meat in three meals in one day, keeps a reserve of duck fat at home for cooking, and for whom coffee is a way of life

    also, “fucking dried kale celery grass and fuck coffee” is the funniest thing i’ve read in at least a week

  3. michael on October 1st, 2011

    glad you broached that one max. the interviews almost always get bummer with the food question.

  4. Walkathon on October 4th, 2011

    Ha! I’m with ya 100% as well, max.
    Been waiting for someone to say “a cheeseburger” or “bowl of Cheerios” to that question now for a while.

  5. Maxwell on October 4th, 2011
  6. natasha on October 5th, 2011

    haha i knew KFW would be on that list!

  7. weis on October 6th, 2011

    ha, my thoughts exactly Max!!! loopy west-coasters! fucking hilarious. Those food answers always make me want to go out and slurp down a Chicago combo (Italian Beef sandwich with Italian sausage, dipped in Au Jus and smothered with Mozzarella)! Glad someone finally mentioned it.

  8. Evan Lindorff-Ellery on October 7th, 2011

    This is hilarious. I love kale, though