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La Monte Young – Trio For Strings -1958


This one comes via A Closet Of Curiosities.

LMY-TFS.rar (77.87 MB)

Have a taste.

“I think that this kind of sense of time has to do with getting away from the earthly sense of direction which goes from birth to death, in other words, like developmental form, and has to do with static form and moving up into, by up I mean like vertically, as in Vertical Hearing, moving, then, up through the sound of a chord or the sound of a tamboura or the sound of an interval that’s sustained, using this to create a drone state of mind as I described. By using this to create a drone state of mind, it provides a means toward achieving a state of meditation or an altered state of consciousness that can allow you to be more directly in touch with universal structure and a higher sense of order. And that once one achieves this kind of state of consciousness, in order to maintain it, one is not trying to get back down to the earthly level and get back involved with directional, climactic form, developmental form, one wants to stay in this more static state. The drone constants are very supportive and allow you to use them as positioning points of reference, to remain aloft, so to speak, in this special state of consciousness and awareness.”

– La Monte Young

  1. Matt W on March 26th, 2008

    Thanks for passing this one along. I’ve always read about this one but never heard it (like so much of Young’s music). That quote is a killer as well, one of the best descriptions of the drone I’ve read.

  2. Nicolas on March 26th, 2011

    Dear everybody , i would like to play this trio on concert , but i can t find the score , do you know where i can have a copy of it ?


  3. Nicolas on March 27th, 2011

    forgot to put my adress in case someone can send me or tell me where i can buy the score : vlaamse77@yahoo[dot]fr ( remove the [dot] to a real . )


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  5. Michael Seum on March 13th, 2017


    Contrechamps also is looking for score (sheet music) of this piece. Can you help us

  6. Sean on January 17th, 2022

    This is great; been trying to track this down. Thank you Brian Eno’s twitter!