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Mississippi Records – The 5 LP African Guitar Box

The African Guitar Box
Mississippi Records, x5 LP

“5 LP box set of classic African guitar based music recorded between 1951 & 1970. Mostly solo performances with guitar & vocals. The first disc features classic acoustic guitar music from all over the African disporia, with an emphasis on Congolese & Kenyan artists. The second disc has all electric guitar performances with minimal accompaniment on percussion – nothing remotely funk based. The third disc features a mix of acoustic & electric performances. Disc four presents more challenging compositional music on acoustic guitar than found on the previous 3 discs – not easy listening by any means, but very rewarding. The final disc is the most sublime & peaceful acoustic guitar & vocal performances you could ever imagine! Collectors beware – much of this material has been reissued before, albeit not since the early 1980s in very hard to find compilation LPs. The records are housed in a beautiful heavy duty hand made box with a sliding lid on the side. Each box is unique & rugged in it’s own way. The wood used to manufacture the box is all salvaged from the old Mississippi Record store location. The cover is a 2 color silk screen on high quality textured paper, carefully glued to each box. A real labor of love. One time edition only; pressing of 200 copies!”

LP 1 & 2
LP 3, 4 & 5

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    What a beautiful collection in every way. I can get a hold of one of these if anyone is looking. allsoul at gmail dot com

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