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Gregg Kowalsky – Tendrils In Vigne 2

Dong Folk Songs 0

Thanks to Mike Weis for turning me on to this NPR spot on the Dong People of China. Of note is the track Sound Imitation: ‘Cicadas Are Crying’. Awesome a capella vocal madness.
All the clips can be streamed via the NPR media player on the left hand side of the window. From the site:
“Southwest China village of Dimen, song takes the place of the written word. People in Dimen learn to read and write in the official national language — Mandarin Chinese — but they speak in their own tongue: the language of the Dong people. Their voices imitate cicadas in the fields above the village. Dimen is isolated, but like most places in modern China, it’s learning the greater world is not so far away. With the recently released collection, Dong Folk Songs: People and Nature in Harmony,  people everywhere can now hear this unique song style”

Anonymous Tantric Drawings from India 4

The Tortoise, His Dreams And Journeys – Theatre Of Eternal Music 3


Eliane Radigue – Sine Wave Siren 2

Eliane Radigue – Kyema, Intermediate States 0


Bardo of Becoming – Srid pai Bardo

Kyema! Dag La Si pa Bar do Tschar Dü dir / Dün pa tseg tschig sem la sung dschä nä / Sang po lä gyi tröl nen gyi tü / Ngäl go gag nä ru Lo dren par dscha / nying rü dag nang gö pai dü chig Yin / mig ser pang nä Lama yab yum gom.

Kyema! (O now),when the Bardo of (taking) Rebirth upon me is dawning! May I be able to continue the course of good Karma through repeated efforts; May the womb -door be closed and the revulsion recollected; The time has come when perserverance and pure view of the circumstances are needed. In order to meditate without jealousy upon the Guru father-mother in union (yab-yum).

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