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Henri Chopin – Live @ Espace Gantner, Bourogne – France 0

Some great info on the late poet/musician and downloads here.

Talk Talk – Piano 1


Q&A – Christina Carter 2

1. Analog or Digital?
both/either – if this is a question about which i think is better… digital – if it’s about what i actually use

2. What time did you wake up today?
about 9 am after not enough sleep

3. Last thing you read?
the wycherly woman by ross macdonald… depressing, because it’s strangely true to life

4. Whats your first memory?
lying about needing to wear glasses to a classmate in pre-school, because glasses seemed glamorous… either that or, sitting in the laundry hamper and pretending it was a ship sailing across the ocean

5.Tea Or Coffee?
tea, but don’t have either one in my life right now

6. Last thing you cooked?
it was so long ago… oatmeal’s the closest thing to “cooked”

7. If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?
a teenage girl in latvia who wears crazy fashion clothes and doesn’t care about the past

8. What inspires you?
the rose by jay defeo

9. Last record you played?
common eider, king eider – figs, wasps, and monotremes

10. Favorite piece of musical equipment?
the electric guitar, of course

11. Last movie you saw?
edvard munch by peter watkins

12. Who do you love?
edvard munch

13. Do you have any pets?

14. Are you useful?

15. Biggest fear?
that’s private

16. What do you value the most?
my brain

17. Famous last words?
hello, goodbye

Christina Carter lives in Austin Tx. She is the co-founder of Charalambides (1991!), and has over the last few years amassed a lengthy discography of rather amazing solo recordings. Her new record, ‘Original Darkness’ will be out on Kranky this fall. Keep up with her rapid output over here. Rosa Guerrero took the very nice photo.

Marion Brown – Sweet Earth Flying 1

Marion Brown
Sweet Earth Flying
1974, Impluse

1. sweet earth flying, part 1
2. sweet earth flying, part 2
3. sweet earth flying, part 3
4. sweet earth flying, part 4
5. sweet earth flying, part 5
6. eleven light city, part 1
7. eleven light city, part 2
8. eleven light city, part 3
9. eleven light city, part 4

Marion Brown
Paul Bley
Muhal Richard Abrams
Bill Hasson
James Jefferson
Steve Mccall


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