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Pandit Pran Nath – India’s Master Vocalist – Shandar Disques, 1972 – LP 2

Pandit Pran Nath
India’s Master Vocalist
Shandar Disques SR 10 007 LP
Paris, 1972

01: Yaman Kalyan (29:19)
02: Punjabi Berva (22:21)

Pandit Pran Nath – Voice
Fayyaz Khan – Tabla
La Monte Young & Shyam Bhatnagar – Tamburas

Produced by La Monte Young.
Recorded in his sudio in New York City, 1971


The Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon 0

Reflections of my mind.

Get Your Vote On! 0


Alton Ellis – RIP – 1938 – 2008 0


“Reggae music pioneer Alton Ellis, who enjoyed a career revival in recent years after a string of hits in the 1960s, died Friday. He was 70..” AP

Yoshi Wada – Die Konsonanten Pfeifen 2

Yoshi Wada
‘Die Konsonanten Pfeifen’


grab it here

Christina Carter – A Blossom Fell – Many Breaths CD-R 1

‘Sibling’ to the Masque Femine CDR. The microphone is the screen, and the voice is the face. Culmination of the exploration of cinematic acting exclusively through the aural capture point. Once again, lyrics by others transmuted through instantaneous, spontaneous melody. The combination of word and melody into multiple implications and meanings. Short in duration but experientially lengthy. Meant to be savored. Eat this flower slow. As always, hand painted/written covers. Edition of 122.
– C. Carter


We’ve got about 20 of these for distro. $15 US / $18 ROW. Drop a line if you’d like one…

La Monte Young – Just Charles & Cello in The Romantic Chord 11

La Monte Young
Just Charles & Cello in The Romantic Chord

In a setting of Abstract #1
From Quadrilateral Phase Angle Traversals
with Dream Light

Charles Curtis – Cello
March 17th, 2004
Les Subsistances, Lyon, France

01. 1:13:36
02. 41:34


“The new work was composed specifically for Charles Curtis, who has studied the performance technique with Young in the guru-disciple method of oral transmission over a period of years. The work is not intended to be played by other cellists unless they study it with Young in the same way…”
full text here.

Ellen Fullman – Texas Travel Texture w/ Deep Listening Band 2

Lipa Kodi Ya City Council – Mississippi Records 5

Lipa Kodi Ya City Council
Mississippi LP

1. Moussa Doumbi -Yeye Mousso
2. Yaseen Mohammed and Saada – Lala Mpenzi
3. Sami Kamar & The Black Diamonds – Egun Dide
4. Kabushi and Mwenya – Mwe Baiyashi Centeleni
5. Mbasela Kunda and William Monyanda – Nina Namusonda Sanguweji
6. Noviciat De Soeurs Missionaires De Notre-Dame D’ Afrique & Four Religious Drummers – Yesu Ka Mkwebase
7. Cabdulashi Iman Zamir, Amin Xaaji Cusmaan & Nuur Maxamed Curuba – Siina Miiri
8. Ester John, Fadhili William, Ben Nicholas & Fundi Konde – Mwanamali Wa Maridadi
9. Frida Sonko – Gwenasobya
10. Marehamu George Mukabi – Bibi Mama Ngani Mzuri
11. S.E. Rogie – Do Me Justice
12. Isaya Mwinamo – Lipa Kodi Ya City Council



“This LP Contains hard to find R&B, Pop, Highlife, Palm wine, Juju & Choral music recorded between 1967 & 1972. Please record any & all material for anybody you think may be interested in it. We are the song that our enemy sings.”
– From the liner notes.

Worlds Experience Orchestra – Beginning of a New Birth LP 6

Worlds Experience Orchestra
Beginning of a New Birth

Just grabbed this a few days ago via the ef(in)sane blog, and had to do a repost here. Ultra rare private press LP that has little available info, but is a serious slice of spirit / free / out / in / group mind. I cut a bit off track two so you can get an idea of this will take you. Amazing, Amazing stuff.



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