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Zia Mohiuddin Dagar & Zia Fariduddin Dagar – Chandrakauns – Moses Church, Amsterdam 1985 1

Thanks a ton to reader Zbigniew for the hook up. Can never have too much of the Dagar family around my house.


James Ferraro – Marble Surf – CDR 4

James Ferraro
Marble Surf
New Age Tapes, CD-R , 2008

01. Memory Theater (19:13)
02. Surf Washing on Spring Marble (19:06)

So, I’ll admit, I have a really heard time keeping up with the Skaters camp. The dudes seem to drop stuff every couple of weeks or so, with James often clutching multiple sides. And what’s more, he rarely seems to use the same name. Actually I think the name changing thing is pretty rad. Anyway, kudos to John Twells for the heads up on this one. A real holographic futuristic pastoral mind bender. Oh, and just FYI..that’s not the cover pic, I couldn’t find an image big enough and thought the one above looked pretty cool. For those of you who wanna dive a little deeper, check the massive Skaters worship over here.



Bahauddin Dagar – Raga Bihag – Rudra Veena 1

Oneohtrix Point Never – Zones Without People & Ruined Lives 0

Check their myspace & webpage for more info.


Giusto Pio – Motore Immobile 7

Giusto Pio – Motore Immobile
1978, Cramps LP

01: Ananta 14:00
02: Motore Immobile 17:06

Giusto Pio – violino
Danilo Lorenzini – organo
Patti Tassini – arpa
Martin Kleist – voce
Michele Fedrifotti – organo, piano



In The Headphones – 11.08.08 0

Fogged out / tea’d in Saturday here in SF….

Flower Travellin’ Band
After The Concert

Acid Rain

Ullan Khol
Track 5

Jackie O-Motherfucker – Kills & Hollers – Live 2003/2004 0

Jackie O-Motherfucker
Kills & Hollers
Live 2003 – 2004
U Sound Vol. 23 CD-R

1. Spinning The Chamber
2. Open All Night
3. Corn Pan Bean Pan
4. Queenofpie
5. Robinhood Blues
6. I Bid You Good Night


Higher Ground 2

Hope 3

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