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Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 18 – How Long Has It Been Since You’ve Been Home? 4

V/A – How Long Has It Been Since You’ve been Home? – Blues & Spirituals
Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 18


Q&A – Peter Rehberg 1

1: Analog or Digital?


2: What time did you wake up today?


3: Last thing you read?


4: Whats your first memory?

Train tracks

5: Tea Or Coffee?

Tea, milk no sugar

6: Last thing you cooked?


7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?

8: What inspires you?

9: Last record you played?

David Bowie: Low

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?

11: Last movie you saw?


12: Who do you love?


13: Do you have any pets?


14: Are you useful?


15: Biggest fear?


16: What do you value the most?

17: Famous last words?

Don’t be late

Also known as Pita, Peter Rehberg is a native of London, England but has lived in Austria for quite some time. Apart from being considered a pioneer of the 90s experimental computer music / digital noise world, and often involved with the likes of Jim O’Rourke, Fennesz and Stephen O’Malley, Peter runs the inimitable Editions Mego.

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