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Oneohtrix Point Never – Live on Rare Frequency 07/23/09 0



From here.

KRAFTWERK – Truckstop Gondolero 2

Marzette Watts – Marzette And Company 7


Marzette Watts
Marzette And Company

01. Backdrop for Urban Revolution (17:55)
02. Ia (6:03)
03. Geno (13:18)

Bass – Henry Grimes, Juney Booth
Clarinet [Bass], Saxophone [Alto, Soprano], – Marzette Watts
Drums – J.C. Moses
Flute, Saxophone [Alto], Clarinet [Bass] – Byard Lancaster
Guitar – Sonny Sharrock
Saxophone [Alto] – Byard Lancaster
Trombone, Cornet – Clifford Thornton
Vibraphone – Karl Berger


I figured since Clifford Thornton was on this one as well….

Clifford Thornton – The Panther And The Lash 11

Clifford Thornton
The Panther And The Lash
America Records
CD  Reissue – 2004
Originally released in 1970

1. Huey Is Free (12:18)
2. El Fath (13:34)
3. Tout Le Pouvoir Au Peuple (4:22)
4. Paysage Désolé (3:27)
5. Right On ! (3:37)
6. Shango – Aba L’Ogun (11:30)
7. Mahiya Illa Zalab (4:53)


Solar Eclipse in India 2

Two 7’s from Turkey 2


My girlfriend went to Turkey in March so I of course insisted she track me down some music. Two 7’s ripped here, both as one track each. Pretty scratchy, but still worth a spin.


Pink Floyd – Moonhead 3

“We were in a BBC TV studio jamming to the landing. It was a live broadcast, and there was a panel of scientists on one side of the studio, with us on the other. I was 23.

The programming was a little looser in those days, and if a producer of a late-night programme felt like it, they would do something a bit off the wall. Funnily enough I’ve never really heard it since, but it is on YouTube. They were broadcasting the moon landing and they thought that to provide a bit of a break they would show us jamming. It was only about five minutes long. The song was called Moonhead — it’s a nice, atmospheric, spacey 12-bar blues.” -David Gilmour

Tears For Fears – Head Over Heels 3

Maurizio Abate – Mystic Strings 0

Maurizio Abate

Mystic Strings
Troglosound CD-R


Nice set of blown out raga guitar here..and little more aggressive than the average traveler in this realm. Another one uncovered in the move.

Ustad Bismilla Khan & Party – Circa 2003 1

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