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Jonathan Bepler – Music For Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 2 4


Jonathan Bepler
Music For Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 2
No Label, CD, 1999

01. Compression Prelude (5:28)
02. Seance (3:56)
03. The Man In Black (5:20)
04. The Ballad Of Gary Gilmore (3:51)
05. Desert Hymn (8:01)
06. Interlude Saline (2:58)
07. Interlude Saline (4:26)
08. The Executioner’s Step (9:58)
09. The Drones’ Exposition (4:54)
10. Postlude Retreat (9:46)


Steve Gunn 1

‘Boerum Palace’ is out now on Three Lobed & it’s fantastic.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Paul Clipson – This Sunday, 12 -13 – Celebrating 25 years of Artists’ Television Access! 2


Underground – Experimental – Unstoppable:
Celebrating 25 years of Artists’ Television Access!

Tasty BBQ outside ATA: 11am-2pm

Artists’ Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-3890

1pm – THE LAMBS 
2 pm – Jeremy Dalmas and Friends 
3pm – Young Prisms 
4pm – Bare Wires 
5pm – Ash Reiter 
6pm – Kacey Johansing 
7pm – Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Paul Clipson 
8 pm – EATS TAPES 
9 pm – Psychic Reality 

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – 7/6/96 – Werchter, Belgium 4


Neil Young & Crazy Horse
T/W Festival, Werchter, Belgium
July 7, 1996
Soundboard recording

Filler tracks are from Vienne, France (July 16th, 1996)
and Torhout, Belgium (July 6th, 1996).

01 Intro 00:53
02 Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) 04:59
03 Down By The River 10:36
04 Powderfinger 05:39
05 Big Time 07:52
06 Slip Away 11:34
07 The Needle And The Damage Done 02:52
08 Sugar Mountain 05:12
09 Cinnamon Girl 03:06
10 Fuckin’ Up 07:53
11 Cortez The Killer 10:19
12 Music Arcade 08:55

01 Intro 00:58
02 Like A Hurricane 14:46
03 Sedan Delivery 05:15
04 Rockin’ In The Free World 08:10
05 Pocahontas (filler) 04:14
06 Stupid Girl (filler) 03:23
07 Heart Of Gold (filler) 03:13
08 The Loner (filler) 05:17
09 Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) (filler) 03:58
10 Dangerbird (filler) 11:13
11 Tonight’s The Night (filler) 08:18
12 Drive Back (filler) 04:56

part 1 rar
part 2 rar
part 3 rar

TRANS | Optic: German / American abstract films – Paul Clipson & Darwinsbitch – Oskar Fischinger – Tonight at Meridian Gallery, SF 0


Meridian Gallery 535 Powell Street, San Francisco
Thursday, December 10th 7:30-9pm $5-10 sliding scale

An exploration of abstraction in experimental film spanning the 1920’s to the present that features German and Bay Area filmmakers. The program will include as follows:

Two early 16mm films by German filmmaker, Oskar Fischinger: Wax Experiments, 1921-23 the wax-sliced imagery having a rare beauty and complexity, and Spirals, 1926 composed basically of concentric circular, spiral, and radiating patterns moving in such ways that they produce optical illusions of great depth;

three video mandalas, 2007-2009 by local artist/filmmaker Dean Smith whose ever shifting filmic symmetries, originally shot in Super 8mm film and then transferred to DVD, reveal the patterns of the mind;

German filmmaker, Thorston Fleisch’s, 16mm film Kosmos, 2004 in which Fleisch grew crystals directly on film allowing their mystical qualities to shine straight to the screen in rich visual textures;

and a recent Super 8mm film by local filmmaker/artist Paul Clipson. Clipson will screen his film with live musical accompaniment performed by Oakland-based sound artist and violinist Marielle Jakobsons. Paul Clipson’s Super 8mm films are shot and largely edited “in-camera”, in an improvised manner that brings to light subconscious preoccupations in the hope of allowing for un-thought, unexpected visual elements to reveal themselves. The sound work of Jakobsons focuses on experiences which are at once “natural” and technologically-altered.

Les Rallizes Dénudés – Field of Artificial Flower 2


Les Rallizes Dénudés
Field of Artificial Flower
no label/cat# (CDR)

01. Field Of Artificial Flower
02. The Last One
03. The Night Of Assassin
04. Field Of Artificial Flower (Take 2)


Wezen 2

Z.M. Dagar – Raga Yaman, For Jack Rose 2


Thinking about Jack Rose I was reminded that it was his list on Dusted that first turned me on to Dagar, and eventually to Hindustani music in General:

“The sound of glaciers moving. My favorite raga of all time and it is the inspiration for my composition, “Yaman Blues” on Opium Musick. I listened to this raga every night before bed while I was composing the songs for the lp. The alap alone is 30 mins and tablas are absent altogether. The amount of concentration it takes to play this slow and precise is astounding.”

So, thanks Jack.
May your music live on.

For those of you that missed it the first time around, this is basically essential.
I mean stranded on a desert island with only a couple of records essential…


Jack Rose – R.I.P. 5

Ustad Imrat Khan – Yaman Kalyan on TV 0

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