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June Update – Liz Harris book / DVDR / Ilyas Ahmed 10″ / Tapes / LP’s / Black holes of time! 7

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Duane Pitre – Origin – LP & Download Coupon – $14
The entirety of origin’s musical material is comprised of the vibrating strings of pitre’s ensemble of bowed “harmonic-guitars,” which are unconventionally strung electric guitars (utilizing multiunisons) tuned to intervals corresponding with the harmonic series, a.k.a. just intonation. no effects processing (pre or post) was used in this recording. all effect-like qualities result from the multi-unison strings (phasing), sympathetic vibrations, combination/ difference tones (of the chosen just tuning), and natural acoustic phenomena as such. Edition of 300 LP’s.

Commen Eider, King Eider – Worn – LP & Download Coupon – $14
Now expanded to a four piece, Common Eider, King Eider have crafted yet another blast of high end wind chill that whips around the empty spaces in your skull.. More stories of flora & fauna that hang beautifully in dynamic rooms of piano, strings, voices and stargazing guitar explosions born of layer after layer of feedback. This ghost world is all gray and black, with a high condensation of loss penetrating throughout. Moonlight occasionally lights the path, but for the most part prepare to be lost in the woods. Liz Harris (Grouper) and Tom Carter (Charalambides) on the tracks ‘Ennui’ and ‘Earth Liver’ add to the overall sense of dread. Edition of 300 records with silkscreen covers done by the band.

Ilyas Ahmed – On Land – 10″ Art Edition – $100
A stellar document of this trio’s slow burn set from last years On Land festival. Ahmed on guitar & vocals is accompanied by Honey Owens (Valet/Miracles Club) on guitar and Jed Bindeman (Heavy Winged / Eternal Tapestry) on drums. Each cover is a unique collage by Ahmed with hand painted text on the back. No two are the same. These are not lathe cut records, and not lacquer dubplates, but a very small run of 10″ vinyl records. All proceeds go to funding this years On Land festival, and these are only available directly from us. Please drop us an email if you would like to order one. Price does not include shipping! Edition of 25.

Liz Harris – Divide – Book & DVDr – pre-order – $35 US /  $45 ROW
After months of work we are very happy to finally announce ‘Divide’, a book of drawings and an accompanying video by Liz Harris. Harris’ visual work runs in parallel to her music as Grouper, and often times overlaps into the same vision. ‘Divide’ maps out dense organic patterns, passages filled to the edges with overgrowth and  fractured geometry. Minimal strokes are taken to maximal repetitions to form complex mazes in high contrast. Other images float in space like hex symbols from prehistory, portals to some other place & time. The accomopany video (with soundtrack) of black & white Rorschach voids should be familiar to any one who has seen a recent Grouper show. Book is 7″ by 7″, 60 pages, soft cover with a color cover & black and white images. DVDR is all regions. Edition of 500. This is a pre-order. Books will ship in August.

Tsuki No Seika – Vol 3. – Christina Carter & Islaja
Volume 3 of the four part series is here & we will be packing these up this week and next! Subscribers keep an eye out!

Le Révélateur – Motion Flares – Cassette
Modern excursions onto the outer shores of classic Kosmisch by longtime Montreal musician Roger Tellier-Craig. Melodies here are dappled in sunlight, shimmering like beads of sea water on the skin and reflecting out on waves of heartbeat rhythms. Edition of 100 dubbed cassettes with offset printed covers.

Pulse Emitter – Above Clouds – Cassette
Lovely set from Portland based Darly Groetsch that falls nicely into the realms created in his Meditative Music series. Two long sides of analog drift, punctuated by occasional bright harmonics and sparse florescent rhythms. Soundtrack to Carl Sagan’s visions of other worlds in ‘Cosmos’. Edition of 100 dubbed cassettes with offset printed covers.

Keith Fullerton Whitman – Generator – Cassette
“Automatic” analog electronic suite from KFW yielding a holographic tapestry of stereo pings amplified into op-art hallucinations. Collisions of woozy high-end & bubbly low pass mutate & multiply to dazzling effect. – Edition Of 200 pro dubbed cassettes with offset printed covers.

William Fowler Collins – Enter The Host – Cassette
Two side longs blast of Shuruti Box form William that are as caustic as any of his feedback journeys on electric guitar. Half an hour of total darkness channeled into long waves of sound. Edition of 100 dubbed cassettes with offset printed covers.

John Davis & Maxwell August Croy – Halides – DVDR
A document of a live set from the On Land festival in San Francisco, September 2009. Home solarized Super8 film shot by Davis in the placid green places of Northern California. The Duo’s lush soundtrack is bowed, scraped & plucked out on koto, electric guitar & other electronic detritus. Covers designed and silk-screened by Bay Area artist Chris Thorson. Edition of 120 in a silk screened chipboard Carlos Pack.

Operative – “Ramp” b/w “Pulse” – LP $12 US /  $20 ROW
Born of soldering kits and home-made synth modules, Scott Goodwin’s Operative is an exercise in almost mathematical melody. Blurring the lines between psychoacoustics and the base structures of techno, Operative’s debut release is like having permanent sonic impressions burned into the tender fabric of your eardrums, or sunspots on your retinas from staring at the sun too long. This is music for the mind and body. Two tracks that bloom in the late night.

The Miracles Club – Light Of Love – LP $12 US /  $20 ROW
Debut booty shaker from Portland based group featuring Honey Owens on vocals. “‘Light of Love’ is like a love letter to 1989. It’s as blissed-out and buoyant as a Balearic hot-air balloon, with chiming pianos and ethereal vocals soaring up, up, and away, while raw 909 sequences keep everything tethered firmly to the ground” – Philip Sherburne

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 43 Why did you make me human? 5

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 43 Why did you make me human?


Thanks to Root Blog reader Sweetens for sending this one in!

Retreat 3


01. W1sip/Operating Position
02. W1sip In The Sun
03. Brain Camp
04. Wires In The Woods
05. Prayer For Departure


age Of Consent 2

En & Paul Clipson – Chen Santa Maria & Others @ ATA Tomorrow Night! 0

En & Paul Clipson
Chen Santa Maria
Jay Korber

Artists’ Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

More info here.

Brother Raven – Matt Carlson – Moholy-Nagy @ Hemlock tavern 6.16 5

Check the whole Brother Raven / Matt Carlson West Cost thing here.
Lots of good line-up’s happening, and Moholy-Nagy first show!

Grasslung Art 3

Fresh from the plant, look for Grasslung’s ‘Sincere Void’ to drop soon.

Late Spring 4

Root Blog Mix – Late Spring

Neu! – Isi
Bird Show – Synthesizer Solo
The Alps – Easy Action
Fille Qui Moussee – Esplanade
Franco Battiato – Il Mercato Degli Dei
Arp & Anthony Moore – Wild Grass (For Arthur Russell)
Infinite Body – What They Wanted To Be Was Useless
Stephan Mathieu – Luft Von Andeeren Planeten
Cluster & Eno – Ho Renomo
Faust – Das Meer
Agitation Free – Dialogue & Random
Laraaji – All Prevading
Golden Retriever – Static Rain
Michael Stearns – As the Earth Kissed The Moon
Die dritte Generation  (Opening Credits)


Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 50 – Isn’t Life Strange? 3

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 50 – Isn’t Life Strange?


Thanks to Root Blog reader Sweetens for sending this one to us!

Gundecha Brothers in Portland 1

Show this Friday at The Movement Center.

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