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Barn Owl, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Euro Spring Tour Dates 11

Barn Owl & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

23.04.2011     Karlsruhe (DE) Dudefest (No JC-L)
24.04.2011     Darmstadt (DE) Oetinger Villa
26.04.2011     London (UK) CAMP Basement
27.04.2011     Bristol (UK) The Cube
28.04.2011     Dublin (IE) The Joinery
29.04.2011     Belfast (UK)  The Barge
30.04.2011     Glasgow (UK) Captain’s Rest
01.05.2011     Manchester (UK) Sounds From.. w/ Richard Youngs
02.05.2011     Brighton (UK) The Hope
03.05.2011     Antwerpen (BE) Scheldapen
04.05.2011     Kortrijk (BE) De Kreun
05.05.2011     Tilburg (NL)  Incubated     w/ Moon Duo
06.05.2011     Nuernberg (DE)  K4
07.05.2011     Krems (AT) Donaufestival (No JC-L)
09.05.2011     Prague (CZ)  K4
10.05.2011     Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang
11.05.2011     Aarhus (DK) Atlas
12.05.2011     Copenhagen (DK) Huset i Magstrade
13.05.2011     Berlin (DE) Levee   w/  Aidan Baker
14.05.2011     Bielefeld (DE)  AJZ
15.05.2011     Dordrecht (NL)  [F]luister @ CBK     w/ Mountains
16.05.2011     Amsterdam (NL) OT301
17.05.2011     Bochum (DE)  Christuskirche
18.05.2011     Paris (FR) Mains D’oeuvres     w/ Stephen O’Malley
19.05.2011     Cholet (FR)  Espace St. Louis
20.05.2011     Toulouse (FR)  Explora-Sons @ Théâtre Garonne
21.05.2011     Lyon (FR)  Sonic

Dates in Italy will be at the end of the tour. Please check back here for changes & updates.



On view March 2nd – March 27th, 2011
Opening reception First Friday March 4th, 6pm – 9pm
Artist talk Wednesday March 23rd, 7pm

Inspired in part by ritual and obsession, Ilyas Ahmed’s work is an attempt at dealing with a reconciliation between nightmarish and idyllic dreams and visions. With The Endless Intermission, his first solo exhibition at Nationale, Ahmed further tries to make sense of the subconscious and its elusive iconography. Conceived in the half-light of memory and in flickered dreams, these new collages are a revision of the extremes. They are part protest, part joy, part lament, part comedy, part pathos. Inhabited by figures which are at once performative, disruptive, and attentive, the work is very personal, yet composed of relics and symbols gathered from a territory familiar to us all.

811 E Burnside
Portland, OR
503 477 9786
Website | Blog

Song Of Separation 1

Oren Ambarchi
Mort Aux Vaches – Song Of Separation [1-6]
Staalplaat, CD 2002


Quartz 1

The Quartz Pond
Jewelled Antler
CDr, 2004

01. The Quartz Pond I (5:39)
02. The Quartz Pond II (20:07)


Welcome To Dreamland 2

Various Artists
Welcome To Dreamland
Celluloid LP, 1985

01. Fake – Dig
02. Saboten – Low Chair
03. Luna Park Ensemble – Scramble Suite
04. Akira Iijima / Seiji Murayama – Timon’s Navel
05. Katra Turana – Yatara-Chan’s Annoying Noise
06. Sodaneva – 42
07. The Honeymoons – The Formula Of Silence
08. The Polka Dot Fire Brigade – The Moon Which Lies
09. After Dinner – The Room Of Hair Mobiles
10. Kenichi Takeda – Dumb Like A Fox
11. Keiji Haino – As It Is, I Will Never Let It End …
12/13. A-Musik – The Black International / Chie Mukai – Wandering Hindu
14. Ché-Shizu – Festival Song

Fred Frith curated mix of mid-80’s Japanese New Wave, Art Rock, Avant-garde and experimental weirdos (whom Mr. Frith often participated with on many of these recordings). Includes early ‘hits’ from some of my absolute favorite Japanese underground artists including Chie Mukai performing with A-Musik, her band Ché-Shizu (+Tori Kudo), Keiji Haino, and an 18 second piece of sped-up koto by Ken-Ichi Takeda.


The Golden Voyage 8

Bearns & Dexter
The Golden Voyage Vol. 1
Awakening Productions
Cassette, 1977

01. Golden Voyage (5:24)
02. Heart Light (4:46)
03. Temple Garden (4:45)
04. Crystal Carousel (5:04)
05. Quasars (6:12)
06. Timeless Love (4:52)
07. Temple Garden 2 (3:41)
08. Flowers Of Our Childhood (5:02)


For Barry Graves 2

House Music 3

Richard Youngs
House Music
Meme CD, 1997

01. Hilary (18:19)
02. Fire Realm (5:58)
03. Regent (10:45)
04. Frigid Air (8:46)


PS: CD cover art is all white so I thought a photo of Richard would be nice.

Braille – Partir 1

Angström Records CD, 2004

01. Postal (4:36)
02. Presente (5:00)
03. Player 1 (3:45)
04. Rencontre (5:23)
05. Apartamiento (5:40)
06. Trapecio (4:08)
07. Denso (4:02)
08. Nudo (2:51)
09. Player 2 (2:46)
10. Recover (4:53)
11. Rollercoaster (5:02)
12. Wonderland ? (4:36)

I posted the first track off this back in 2008 but it’s been long out of print so here’s the whole thing. Originally discovered on a listening station in the now-closed Shinsaibashi (Osaka) Tower Records, recently unearthed post move from my boxes of CDs. Despite how processed it sounds, really into the use of horns, percussion and vocals.


Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Higuma, Jon Porras – 2-10-11 – Hemlock Tavern, SF 4

Higuma will have copies of their new RS LP ‘Pacific Fog Dreams’ for sale!

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