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Pandit Pran Nath, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela & Terry Riley in the 70s 1

Through Soundohm.

Dreamweapon 0

Check the Boo-Hooray site for more info on the Angus MacLise exhibit.

Manhunter 0

Manhunter OST
MCA, 1986

Original edition:
1. Prime Movers: Strong As I Am (4:28)
2. Shriekback: Coelocanth (4:05)
3. Shriekback: This Big Hush (5:57)
4. Michael Rubini: Graham’s Theme (3:49)
5. Shriekback: Evaporation (3:12)
6. Red 7: Heartbeat (3:44)
7. The Reds: Lector’s Cell (1:40)
8. The Reds: Leed’s House (4:22)
9. Iron Butterfly: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Edit) (8:07)

Definitive edition:
1. Michel Rubini: Introductory Montage (2:26)
2. Michel Rubini: Graham & Crawford-Leed’s House-A Taste For It (5:56)
3. Michel Rubini: Freeze-Graham & Lecter-Lecter’s Cell (8:40)
4. Michel Rubini: Avid Fan-Evaporation-Lecter’s Message-Seiun (13:07)
5. Michel Rubini: The Red Dragon-Coelocanth-Loundes’ Testament (4:37)
6. Shriekback: This Big Hush (6:11)
7. Michel Rubini: As God Is-Strong As I Am (6:46)
8. Michel Rubini: Waiting-Graham’s Theme (5:38)
9. Iron Butterfly: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (17:02)
10. Heart: I’m Will Graham (4:39)
11. Michel Rubini: Graham’s Theme (3:55)


L’air lumière 2

Didier Bonin
L’air lumière
private pressing
LP, 1982

A1. Juin 81 (3:37)
A2. L’air lumière (7:37)
A3. Ecumes (2:48)
A4. Silences (2:11)
B1. Couleur fièvre (3:15)
B2. Parti du pli (13:10)

Enregistrements et mixage, studio multison, Châlon-sur-Saône, ingénieur du son, Pierre Jacquot, assistant, Serge Devesvre, été 1982.

Pochette, Didier Bonin. Typographie, Thierry Bouchard, à l’Osne.

“Parti du pli” est la musique originale d’un spectacle de danse contemporaine créé par le groupe “Turbulences” de Dijon en 81.

zip (with artwork)

Eider Cabin 1

Members of Common Eider, King Eider recently visited Dillingham, Alaska where Rob Fisk owns property and built the hut pictured. They’re planning a larger cabin for next winter along with a book/dvd/cd of new music to commemorate the first year and are encouraging musicians and friends to visit. Keep apprised of their progress here.

Electric Newspaper Hiroshima Day USA vs Underground 3

The East Village Other
LP, 1966

A collage of:
A1. Plastic Clock Radio: Luci’s Wedding
A2. Steve Weber: If I Had A Half A Mind
A3. Gerard Malanga and Ingrid Superstar: Gossip
A4. The Velvet Underground: Noise
A5. Marion Brown, Scott Holt and Ron Jackson: Jazz Improv
A6. Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky: Mantras
B1. Plastic Clock Radio: Luci’s Wedding
B2. Tuli Kupferberg: Love And Ashes (sung by Tuli Kupferberg and Viki Pollon with Peter Rawson on guitar)
B3. Ishmael Reed: The Free Lance Pall Bearers
B4. Andy Warhol: Silence (c copyright 1932)
B5. Ken Weaver and Ed Sanders: Interview With Hairy

cover: Walter Bowart
edited by: Richard Alderson, Allen Katzman, Betsy Klein, and Walter Bowart

An audio collage based on a radio broadcast about the wedding of Luci Johnson (daughter of U.S. President Johnson).

Removed by request.

Praise Ye The Lord 3

The Velvet Underground
Praise Ye The Lord
LP, 1988

A1. Head Held High (Second Fret, Philadelphia, mid-May 1970) (3:16)
A2. I’m Set Free (Boston Tea Party, Jan. 10, 1969) (4:11)
A3. Run Run Run (Boston Tea Party, Jan. 10, 1969) (7:10)
A4. Candy Says (Boston Tea Party, Dec. 12, 1968) (3:57)
B1. That’s The Story of My Life (Boston Tea Party, March 13, 1969) (2:09)
B2. Train Round The Bend (Second Fret, Philadelphia, mid-May 1970) (8:49)
B3. Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ (Second Fret, Philadelphia, mid-May 1970) (7:07)

Release date: 1988 (USA)
Catalog #: VU 714 (no label; LP);
Musicians: Morrison, Reed, Tucker, D. Yule.
Sources: All audience tapes
Sound quality: Good
Cover: B&w photograph of Moe sitting drumming in sunglasses, sweater and coat

“This record symbolically marks the end of the bootlegs, the end of the band, and the end of the VU era. True, ‘Live at Max’s’ came a few months later, but by that time it was all show and no feeling – Lou’s heart just wasn’t in it anymore”.



Leisure Nomad 2

Check out Heather Sielaff’s OLO Fragrance.

Music by Golden Retriever, look for a new LP by them on RS this Summer/Fall.

Bleu Nuit 0

New music by Le Révélateur, video by Sabrina Ratté.

Goodbye 3

Flying Saucer Attack * Roy Montgomery
VHF records
12″, 1996

A1. Goodbye
A2. And Goodbye
B1. The Whole Day

Tracks are taken from various bits of tape (live and studio) assembled by chance at feedback studios. “Goodbye” includes Sam on guitar. “And Goodbye” is taken from a tape of a gig on 18/4/95 with Roy Montgomery (main guitar) and Sam (drums), recorded on a dictaphone by Jim. “The Whole Day” mainly recorded at Rockers.

zip or better, buy the original here. Bill at VHF records says he has copies left.

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