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Rrose Sélavy tonight at Neu! Bar, Berlin 7

C.H. Haldane 2

Tirath Singh Nirmala – Slimp Tench Depth 8

Tirath Singh Nirmala
Slimp Tench Depth

(self-released CDr – 2006)

01. Roar Churngale
02. Screened By the Sky
03. Hosaga Dust
04. Slimping Tench Depth (Hmm Green)
05. Branch Hanging Fog

a brief sikh inspired project by U.K.’s john clyde-evans during the apex of the freak folk movement in the mid-00s. in my mind, this was some of the best music being made during that time, bringing together elements of ethnic musics, electronics, psychedelia, minimalism, ritual / spiritual music, improvisation, etc….he released a series of handmade CDrs in editions of 50 that were next to impossible to find. if there is further interest, i will share a few more that i have in my collection. enjoy!

Deaf Center, Islaja, Simon James Phillips – Grunewaldkirche, Berlin – Tonight! 1

More info here.

Dark Passage 1

“Dark Passage” by The Drift from the forthcoming album “Blue Hour” on Temporary Residence Limited. Out Oct. 4th, 2011. Film by Paul Clipson.

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