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Cigarette Burns: A REEL Book Release + Event with Paul Clipson – Will Brown Gallery, SF – Sunday! 0


Cigarette Burns: A REEL Book Release + Event with Paul Clipson
Sunday, March 9, 2014, 7-9PM

Will Brown
3041 24th St
San Francisco, CA

From Will Brown:
REEL is a survey of drawings created by Paul Clipson over the course of a decade working in the projection booth of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Skillfully rendering the cinematic moments just before a projectionist must switch from one film reel to the next without the audience noticing, Clipson charts the nearly invisible language of “cigarette burns;” a secret code best explained by this 10 second clip from the film Fight Club (1999).

This Sunday, Will Brown will host a conversation between Clipson and LAND AND SEA (REEL’s publishing team of Chris Duncan and Maggie Otero). Clipson will also screen a montage of changeover moments created for a limited edition of the book.

Event info at Will Brown.

Book info at LAND AND SEA.



How to Dress Well
Forest Swords
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma w/ Paul Clispon (live Super8)
Wed March 26th
Le Poisson Rouge

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Paul Clispon (live Super8)
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Byron Westbrook
Sat March 29th
Union Docs



Visites Possibles 0

New video work by Sabrina Ratté for Computers Club with music by Roger Tellier-Craig.

Dhrupad – Mani Kaul – 1982 0



Raum – Event Of Your Leaving – Second Pressing / White Edition – US Mailorder 1

g,h_raum_cover white

Event Of Your Leaving
Glass, House #003
Second Pressing (White Edition)

Release date: February, 2014

The Event Of Your Leaving was recorded by Raum (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Liz Harris) in 2011 and 2012. Commissioned by the San Francisco, CA based Glass, House, the LP is a loose set of memories, dreams & imagines interpreting the visual work of Latvian artist Vija Celmins for piano, guitar, keyboard, voice & tapes. The three panel fold out cover is an offset print & letter pressing of a drawing by Harris. Mastered at Dubplates by Rashad Becker. Edition of 500 LP’s.

US Mailorder from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (45 copies) here

Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo Vol. 2 20


As promised, further investigation into the futuristic spaces in Japanese ambient and pop music from the 1980s…


Takashi Kokubo – “Electric Fantasy (Pops)” from Electric Fantasy
Ichiko Hashimoto – “Opening the Door of the Heaven, There Overflowed the Orange Shine” from Ichiko
Yasuaki Shimizu – “Hako” from IQ 179
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – “Primordial Germination” from Ecophony Rinne
Ippu Do – “Sorrow” from Night Mirage
Joe Hisaishi – “In the Polluted Sea” from Nausicaä: Valley of the Wind OST
Haruomi Hosono – “The Truck on the Sea/Wheels on Fire” from Paradise View OST
Masashi Kitamura + Phonogenix – “Variation II” from Prologue for Post-Modern Music
Joe Hisaishi – “A Virgin & The Pipe-Cut Man” from Curved Music
Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Kokubousoushou” from Royal Space Force OST
Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Japan/Coda” from Coda
Eitetsu Hayashi – “Karabinka” from Messanger of the Wind
Hara Masumi – “Blue Night” from Imagination Exchange
Mu Projekt – “Mi Na Penda Sana Uya” from Asia Dream
Yoichiro Yoshikawa – “Nettai Gunchou Zu” from A Dream of Aku Aku
Chakra – “III” from Satekoso
Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Portfolio (Nomura Shoken CM 1988)” from CM – TV
Testpattern – “Ring Dance” from Apres Midi
D Day – “Sweet Sultan” from Grape Iris
Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Howdy (NTT CM 1984)” from CM – TV
Koharu Kisaragi – “Depato” from Tokai No Seikatsu
Haruomi Hosono – “Samidare Goma Kitou” from Tale of Genji
Sandii – “Shantih” from Eating Pleasure
Masami Tsuchiya – “Nightgulls” from Alone
Takashi Kokubo – “Playing Among the Gods” from Volk Von Bauhaus
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – “Reincarnation” from Ecophony Rinne
After Dinner – “Paradise of Replica” from Paradise of Replica

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Air in Resort 6


Hiroshi Yoshimura
Air in Resort
Shiseido/Air Records 1984

Forest Side
1. 森の夜明け
2. 小川にそって
3. 小鳥たこちのカフェ

Sea Side
1. きらめく海
2. カモメの永平線
3. 砂の星

Another beautiful ambient LP from Yoshimura, commission by the Shiseido cosmetic corporation to promote a forest-scented perfume (the LP comes in a plastic bag sealed with it’s scent). Had to use a bit of noise reduction due to the poor pressing quality (dreaded white vinyl) but it should still be plenty enjoyable.


Golden Retriever – M.A.S.S. IV – PORTLAND, OR – 12.22.13 0

Golden Retriever BW

Golden Retriever (
Earth & You
Brenna Murphy (
Guru Rugu
Sisters of the Lattice
Agnes Bolt (for the Institute for New Feeling [])
Scott Mayoral (
Emily Pothast (Midday VeilTranslinguistic Other)
The Bike Temple

Doors at 7:30 / starts at 8. FREE (donations encouraged)

Supported by: Regional Arts & Culture Council

M.A.S.S. is a bimonthly/ongoing music series set in the beautifully resonant 350-capacity sanctuary at Alberta Abbey using exceptional sound engineering and equipment provided by Tim Westcott (SIX series). Past participants include Regular Music, Tunnels, Jason Urick, Elizabeth Pusack, Brumes, Jordan Dykstra, Jason Tobin, Disintegrator, and Rose Dickson.

Evan Caminiti, Danny Paul Grody, Trevor Montgomery (w/ film by Paul Clipson) – ATA, SF – Friday! 0

Other States

Other States
Evan Caminiti
Danny Paul Grody
Trevor Montgomery
w/ film by Paul Clipson

Artists’ Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-3890

More info here.

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