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Austin Cesear – La Paloma (Directed by Paul Clipson) 0

New track + video off the upcoming Austin Cesear record “West Side”, out September 29th on Public Information. Film by Paul Clipson.

Q&A – Hiro Kone 0


1: Analog or Digital?
Inspired by analog but very dependent on digital.

2: What time did you wake up today?
9:30am to hit snooze and barricade the cats from the bedroom. So I could then sleep until 10am.

3: Last thing you read?
“A Splendid Conspiracy” by Albert Cossery

4: Whats your first memory?
A dream that involved a swamp, a row boat, and a group of hooded “small people”.

5: Tea Or Coffee?
Coffee in the USA and tea when I’m in Asia.

6: Last thing you cooked?
Noodles with ground pork and mushrooms marinated in sake, soy sauce and a dash of agave. Tossed with a ton of cumin, scallions, and basil.

7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?
Mulder and Scully.

8: What inspires you?
People willing to share knowledge and those brave enough (like Aaron Swartz) to speak out against it being institutionalized and made available to just the privileged few.

9: Last record you played?
Fela Kuti’s “Black President”.

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?
Right now it’s my Octatrack, but the violin feels connected to my core in a way that no sampler or sequencer ever will.

11: Last movie you saw?
“In the Heat of the Night” and by the time you read this Chris Marker’s “Level Five.”

12: Who do you love?
Albert. And my mom.

13: Do you have any pets?
Two cats, Vincent Price and Roland Kirk.

14: Are you useful?
Supposedly I’m good at math.

15: Biggest fear?
That we as a society won’t realize that when it comes to the environment, Ebola, militarized cops, the criminalization of journalism, and genocide—neutrality is no longer an option. Silence does not make one un-accountable.

16: What do you value the most?

17: Famous last words?
Borrowed words from Diamanda Galás: “Were you a witness?”

Hiro Kone is Brooklyn based musician Nicky Mao. Her latest release ‘Fallen Angel‘ is out now on Geographic North

Ensemble Economique / Le Suis Le Petit Chevalier in PDX, THURDAY NIGHT! 0


Ensemble Economique
Le Suis Le Petit Chevalier
(Visible) Cloaks

at Xhurch (4550 NE 20th Ave. Portland, OR)
Thursday, July 31st
7pm, $5 (sliding scale)

fb info here

ali_fib – isola – summer mix 20



summer, 2014

Lou Reed, Turning Time Around
Gary Shearston, Faded Streets, Windy Weather
The Index, Fire Eyes
The La’s, Man I’m Only Human
Roger Rodier, L’Herbe
Lavender Country, I Can’t Shake The Stranger Out of You
Bob Dylan, You Don’t Have To Do That
Hallelujahs, 季節はずれのクリスマス (Christmas Out Of Season)
Tom Zé, Mã
Lucio Battisti, Umanamente Uomo: Il Sogno
Hoagy Carmichael, Baltimore Oriole
Arleta, Summer Night Dream
Alexander Tucker, Multistory Haiku
Leonard Cohen, Came So Far For Beauty
Al Anderson, You’re Just Laughin’ Inside
Carole King, Porpoise Song (Publisher’s demo)
David Lee Jr., Love Parable
Kesar Bai Kerkar, Main San Meet – Malkauns – Teental
Jim Shepard, Shady Business Deal
Les Rallizes Dénudés, Les Bulles de Savon
Richard Youngs, Goodbye Oslo Rose
Waylon Jennings, Dreaming My Dreams With You
The White Shark, Surf Surround
Vertø, Tk 240 S 52
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom, Wishes
John Cale, Hanky Panky Nohow (drone mix)
Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers, Trophy
Lewis, Like To See You Again
Marc Robine, La Demoiselle aux dentelles
Dagar Brothers (Senior), Dhrupad – Raga – Adana
Tolerance, Juin – lr_n_e
Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders Band, Going Going, Gone
Kim Jung Mi, The Sun
Lou Reed, I Want To Boogie With You





Red shell cassette, Limited Edition of 100 Copies. Released by Baro Records.
Grab hard copy + digital here.

Grab just digital here.


Gravity Spells: Bay Area New Music and Expanded Cinema Art 0

Great new project by Root Strata buddy John Davis. Order via website here.

Gravity Spells: Bay Area New Music and Expanded Cinema Art

This edition consists of 100 hand-silkscreened gatefold LP’s with four silkscreened DVD covers of original film and music, a 50 page booklet of writing and images bound in a hand letterpressed cover. The project was conceived to publicly showcase emerging and established strains of expanded cinema and music collaboration in the San Francisco BayArea, as well as to create a physical document that captured that energy.

Although commissioned as pairs (Craig Baldwin with Maggi Payne; Paul Clipson with Tashi Wada; Lawrence Jordan with John Davis; Kerry Laitala with Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken), the edition is designed so the works can be experienced interchangeably. This encourages a matrix of possibilities, but also emphasizes the element of chance tied directly to live cinema and music performance (dropping the needle on the record and hitting “Play” on the DVD player will always result in a different event).

Music Mastered by James Plotkin.


Craig Baldwin: Time Bomb (16mm film on DVD)
Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken: After Image (Music)

Paul Clipson: Trajections (16mm film on DVD)
John Davis: Strategy of Belief (Music)
Lawrence Jordan: Driving Demons (16mm film on DVD)
Kerry Laitala: Solar Furnace (16mm film projector performance on DVD)
Maggi Payne: Black Ice/Static (Music)
Tashi Wada: Duet Takes: 1. Duet (Take 2), 2. Duet (Take 4) (Music)



Mark Wilson with Marielle Jakobsons
Andy Puls
Keith Evans
Lawrence Jordan with John Davis


Zach Iannazzi
Thad Povey & Mark Taylor
Steve Dye with Anthony Iamurri
Paul Clipson wth Tashi Wada


Chris Duncan
Tooth with Collin McKelvey
Craig Baldwin with Maggi Payne



Le Verdouble, PAL – Le Mélangeur, Paris – Friday, June 27 0

design : Darryl Norsen


Le Verdouble

Le Mélangeur, La Courneuve
Friday, June 27th 9pm – 5€

info here


Costin Miereanu 4


Costin Miereanu
4 LPs

1) Piano – Miroir (1978)
2) Musique Climatique (1979)

1) Nuages – Nuages (1982)
2) Carrousel (1982)

Jardins Oublies
1) Jardins Oublies (1981)
2) Jardins Desertes (1981)

1) Finis – Terre (1978)
2) Terre de Feu (1976)

all files in apple lossless format (.m4a) with front & back cover scans included.


Hypnosis – Grouper + Paul Clipson 1

GROUPER w/ 16mm Film by Paul Clipson
Commissioned by Opera North Projects in Association with Qu Junktions
Part of Opera North’s American Routes Series

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Songs of Remembrance 0

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Songs of Remembrance

Recorded 2011-2013 at home in Berlin, Munich, San Francisco, Sausalito and Brooklyn. Edited and Compiled at The Crown Heights Inn, Crown Heights, Brooklyn – Fall 2013.

Released 01 May 2014  via Psychic Trouble Tapes.

Get Digital here.
Get Physical + Digital here.

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