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Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – A Year With 13 Moons 1

Out Feb 10th 2015 on Mexican Summer.



Danny Paul Grody
Furniture Music

Bandcamp release HERE

“This album collects some of my earliest works for solo acoustic guitar written between 2005 and 2007. In the beginning of 2014, I was given a wonderful opportunity to do a residency at Harrison House Music & Arts in Joshua Tree. Leading up to my stay there, I decided to go back and revisit these songs so that I could record them in that beautiful room you see in the cover photo. I wrote a few new pieces in the same spirit during the visit that found their way onto the album as well.
The album title is inspired by Erik Satie’s concept of “musique d’ameublement” (furnishing music), which is background music originally intended to be played by live performers. I love the idea that music/sound can be engaged on many different levels, and in many different contexts. My hope is that these tunes can similarly slide between spaces and be listened to in multiple settings over time. A special thanks goes to the gracious Eva Soltes for generously hosting me at the Harrison House. It was an incredible setting to create music. I also want to thank those in my life that have encouraged me to keep this particular music alive. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!”



CD-R in an edition of 100 &  download via BANDCAMP.

Recorded in the Spring 2013 at The Headlands Center For The Arts, Marin Headlands, California.
Scored for Piano & Electronics.

Vision Heat – Sickness To Insanity: Electronic Horror Scores 1982​-​1988 0


Vision Heat
Sickness To Insanity: Electronic Horror Scores 1982​-​1988

1. Mother (1987) – Opening Theme
2. The Hotel St. Croix (1985) – Main Theme
3. School Spirits (1984) – Under The Bleachers
4. Death Circus (1986) – Theme #2
5. Witchkraft II (1982) – Clarice Awaits
6. Mass Graves (1983) – Procession
7. The Ambush (1986) – Attack Sequence
8. Hellen (1985) – The Beguiling
9. Campers (1985) – End Credits
10. The Hotel St. Croix (1985) – Elevator Love
11. Zombie Eaters (1984) – Theatrical Trailer Edit
12. Pakin Heat (1982) – Escape The Rain
13. Motion Sickness (1983) – Tunnel Drive/Flashback
14. Mother (1987) – A Doll’s Eye
15. Blood And Spirit (1987) – Opening Credits
16. Death Circus (1986) – Dreams You Can’t Resist
17. The Torchlit Hill (1985) – The Hunt
18. The Ambush (1986) – Excerpt
19. Hellen (1985) – “Come In”
20. The Ambush (1986) – Victory
21. Solar Doom (1984) – “Exotic” Party Scene
22. Mass Graves (1983) – End Credits
23. The Hotel St. Croix (1985) – Deadman’s Float

Vision Heat is Northern California based Jared Blum. Look for two volumes of his soundtrack collections forthcoming on Root Strata this winter.

Evan Caminiti – Coiling 0


Evan Caminiti

From Evan: “Coiling” is made up of recordings from sessions that took place throughout the past couple of years.  It’s a taste of what I’ve been up to and what to expect from my next ‘proper’ LP that should be coming out sometime in 2015.  Please enjoy and thanks for your support.

Grab it here

Sabrina Ratté: Habitat 0

Habitat: Sabrina Ratté from Undervolt & Co. on Vimeo.

Modular Synthesizer Equinox – Audio/Visual – Brooklyn, NY – Sat Eve! 0


Modular Synthesizer Equinox

Drew McDowall + Hiro Kone
Rose Kallal + Victoria Keddie
Jefre Canu-Ledesma
Matt Wellins + Zach Layton
Greg Zifcak

The Silent Barn
Saturday, Oct 4th

Arp – Pulsars e Quasars 0

Arp’s Pulsars e Quasars is out now on Mexican Summer featuring contributions by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma & Le Révélateur, video by Paul Clipson.

Sabrina Ratté – Sightings 0

First video of a trilogy.

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