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Dr. James Hopkins – The Pythagorean Monochords 5

This guy is AWESOME! Prepare yourself for some sonic healing! If only the RootStrata offices could get one of these we’d be set.

Find more Dr. Hopkins vibes here and order his totally stellar album, “Golden Ratios: Pythagorean Harmonic Healing I” here. Word.

Q&A – Darwinsbitch 1

1: Analog or Digital?
analog with digital appendages

2: What time did you wake up today?

3: Last thing you read?
my bedtime book right now is Borges’ ‘News of a Kidnapping’

4: Whats your first memory?
i remember being lost and alone at a scary carnival

5: Tea Or Coffee? 
coffee AND tea in tandem

6: Last thing you cooked? 
quinoa with asparagus… yum!

7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?
i’m fairly certain i was a baby seal once

8: What inspires you?
my friends and other natural wonders

9: Last record you played?
gram parsons

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?
my new synth the “semblance” is making my violin jealous

11: Last movie you saw?
“gonzo” the new documentary about hunter s. thompson

12: Who do you love?
my puppy….

13: Do you have any pets?
Bubbles the Magic Dog!

14: Are you useful? 
i try not to be useful at least one day a week

15: Biggest fear?
unnatural natural disasters

16: What do you value the most?
time spent in the company of loved ones and friends

17: Famous last words?
i’m a turtle today

Darwinsbitch is Marielle v Jakobsons. She lives in Oakland with her man Gregg & their dog, Bubbles the Magic Dog. Her first full length CD, “Ore” will be out on Digitalis sometime soon. It’s good. Really good.
Check her sounds over here.

Agnes Martin 4


Morton Feldman Primer – Vol 8 0

Crippled Symmetry (1983)
Morton Feldman

Total Time: 1:27:20

California EAR Unit
Arthur Jarvinen – Glockenspiel & Vibraphone
Dorothy Stone –
Flute & Bass Flute
Vicki Ray – Piano &


Jackie DeShannon – When You Walk in the Room 0

It’s Friday night! Go. Party. Dance.

Theatre of Eternal Music 6

Theatre of Eternal Music
19-10-71 652-742 pm nyc

La monte Young – Voice & Frequency Generators
Marian Zazeela – Voice
Jon Hassell – Trumpet
Lee Konitz – Saxophone
David Rosenboom – Viola

Recorded at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Special Exhibition Galleries, NY, NY.

Thanks to Gregg K. for the Hook Up


Harry Smith – BOY AM I IN TROUBLE 0

Root Blog Mix Vol. 5 – Metal Rouge Mix Tape 1

1. Unknown band practicing in field recording made by Andrew in Segou, Mali 2005
2. Blue Tide Black Water – Sam Hamilton (soundtrack to a film by Eve Gordon & Sam Hamilton)
3. 138B (African Violets) – Anthony Braxton
4. Apollo – Sonny & Linda Sharrock
5. Kuni Majagani – Group Inerane
6. India (Slight Return) – Parson Sound
7. Sunday Morning – Amanaz
8. SMS – Tim Coster
9. Ohnedaruth – Alice Coltrane
10. World With Worms – Pumice
11. Untitled – Nest & MHFS


Metal Rouge is Helga Fassonaki & Andrew Scott. They Live in L.A., drink tea, and have just made a myspace page. Their first proper CD “Three for Malachi Ritscher” will be out on RS very soon. No, really.
If you can help out with shows in the midwest this Aug/Sept, drop them a line.

Makoto Kawabata – Private Tapes 7 0

makoto kawabata

Spiraling insanity in a world as claustrophobically small as it is universally expansive. This track totally saved my shit today. この音楽はすごい不思議だと思ってなんか健康な感じがしています。enjoy!


Pic courtesy of TheSunHums


Darwinsbitch / Jim Haynes / Sokai Stilhed 0

Thursday, July 17:

Jim Haynes
Sokai Stilhed

New Langton Arts
1246 Folsom Street (between 8th and 9th streets)
San Francisco, CA 94103-3817
415 626 5416
Doors at 7:30pm
Performances at 8pm

Part of the 12th Annual Mission Creek Music Festival.

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