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Root Blog Mix Vol. 5 – Metal Rouge Mix Tape

1. Unknown band practicing in field recording made by Andrew in Segou, Mali 2005
2. Blue Tide Black Water – Sam Hamilton (soundtrack to a film by Eve Gordon & Sam Hamilton)
3. 138B (African Violets) – Anthony Braxton
4. Apollo – Sonny & Linda Sharrock
5. Kuni Majagani – Group Inerane
6. India (Slight Return) – Parson Sound
7. Sunday Morning – Amanaz
8. SMS – Tim Coster
9. Ohnedaruth – Alice Coltrane
10. World With Worms – Pumice
11. Untitled – Nest & MHFS


Metal Rouge is Helga Fassonaki & Andrew Scott. They Live in L.A., drink tea, and have just made a myspace page. Their first proper CD “Three for Malachi Ritscher” will be out on RS very soon. No, really.
If you can help out with shows in the midwest this Aug/Sept, drop them a line.

  1. Kostne Koper on July 20th, 2008

    Listening to this through a closed door in the next room, je fait le travail domestique. . Suffice to say will be listening to this until the next gray September. Best from Brussels, capital of Europe.