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Shining 0

Feel-good film of the summer! Go see it!

Morton Feldman Primer – Vol 7 1

All Piano
Morton Feldman

Disc 1: Early Piano 1950-64
Disc 2: Piano 77, Palais de Mari (1986)
Disc 3: Triadic Memories (1981)
Disc 4: For Bunita Marcus (1985)

John Tilbury – Paino


90’s Hardcore 9


Angel Hair

Clikatat Ikatowi

Rye Coalition

Antioch Arrow

Drive Like Jehu

Pete Swanson @ Noise BBQ 2008 1

Windy & Carl – Antarctica 0

Windy & Carl – Antarctica

Grouper 2

liz harris

Short, but sweet, article on Liz/Grouper in the Portland Mercury here on Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill and her roots. Psyched to see she’s getting some much-deserved exposure.

“I guess this album partly ended up being me thinking about the past, and the way we carry around the dead festering weight of it for a long time, or I did anyway, and how maybe we have to leave it off somewhere at some point, even if the ghosts of its carcass come back to haunt and talk to us at night.”

Ice Cube – Today Was A Good Day 0

This is what I wish my day was actually like.

Milton Avery 1


Taku Sugimoto – Opposite 0

Taku Sugimoto: guitar

Recorded at Galerie de Café Den in Tokyo on April 24, 25 and 29, 1997.


With all the recent Feldman posts this seemed like an appropriate diversion. Probably one of my all time favorite solo guitar records…

Almost all the music on Opposite sounds like an attempt to reproduce on CD the kind of preternatural calm which descends on visitors to the Zen temples and public gardens which are hidden away down the back streets and side alleys of Japan’s teeming urban centres. The CD’s 20 mostly brief tracks are dominated by limpid pools of silence, into whcih guitar notes fall like moss-covered pebbles. Sugimoto is an improviser with an acute sense of timing and note placement, and the performances are suspended in a riveting tension, but the the overarching mood is one of intoxicating tranquility.” – Tony Herrington

Root Blog Mix Vol. 5 – The Future 0

01 – Metal Rouge – Love, Awaken – from “Three For Malachi Ritscher” CD
02 – Starving Weirdos – Days Before Panic (edit) – from “Spirit Activity” Cassette
03 – Good Stuff House – Untitled – From “Endless Bummer” CD
04 – The North Sea – Gated Community (edit) – from “Gated Community” CD-R
05 – Common Eider, King Eider – Brown Trumps White – From “Figs, Wasps And Monotremes” CD
06 – The Alps – Shruti – From “A Path Through the Sun” CD-R
07 – Scott Goodwin – Arc (edit) – From “Arc / Off Light” CD


All releases scheduled to see the light of day sometime between now and the first of September. You know we don’t do release dates, right? This is not a complete list. Furthermore, any number of unforeseen items could get thrown in at some future date.

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