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Landscape Dissolves 1

Peep a track off Alex Cobb’s (Taiga Remains / Students of Decay) upcoming full length Passage to Morning, set to a new film by Paul Clipson.

Mississippi Records – The 5 LP African Guitar Box 18

The African Guitar Box
Mississippi Records, x5 LP

“5 LP box set of classic African guitar based music recorded between 1951 & 1970. Mostly solo performances with guitar & vocals. The first disc features classic acoustic guitar music from all over the African disporia, with an emphasis on Congolese & Kenyan artists. The second disc has all electric guitar performances with minimal accompaniment on percussion – nothing remotely funk based. The third disc features a mix of acoustic & electric performances. Disc four presents more challenging compositional music on acoustic guitar than found on the previous 3 discs – not easy listening by any means, but very rewarding. The final disc is the most sublime & peaceful acoustic guitar & vocal performances you could ever imagine! Collectors beware – much of this material has been reissued before, albeit not since the early 1980s in very hard to find compilation LPs. The records are housed in a beautiful heavy duty hand made box with a sliding lid on the side. Each box is unique & rugged in it’s own way. The wood used to manufacture the box is all salvaged from the old Mississippi Record store location. The cover is a 2 color silk screen on high quality textured paper, carefully glued to each box. A real labor of love. One time edition only; pressing of 200 copies!”

LP 1 & 2
LP 3, 4 & 5

野生の野望: YMO-Related Japanese Pop Mix 13

This is a compilation (with separate tracks, i.e. not “mixed”) that I gave to some friends last Christmas season as crash course to Hosono/Sakamoto/Takahashi’s pop productions. Had a few people request that I up it here…so, here you go!

Miharu Koshi – “Parallelisme” from Parallelisme
Testpattern – “Souvenir Glacé” from Apres Midi
Yukihiro Takahashi – “Curtains” from Neuromantic
Chakra – “You Need Me” from Satekoso
Tamao Koike – “Automne Dans Un Miroir” from Automne Dans Un Miroir
Yellow Magic Orchestra – “Gradated Grey” from Technodelic
Sandii – “Zoot Koot” From Eating Pleasure
Susan – “I Only Come Out At Night” from The Girl Can’t Help It
Haruomi Hosono – “Sports Man” from Philharmony
Miharu Koshi – “Scandal Night” from Tutu
Haruomi Hosono – “Strange Love” from S.F.X.
Hajime Tachibana – “Rock (New Version)” from Yen Memorial Album
Masami Tsuchiya – “Rice Music” from Rice Music
Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Thatness and Thereness” from B-2 Unit
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Bamboo Music” from Bamboo Houses
Yellow Magic Orchestra – “Wild Ambitions” from Naughty Boys
Taeko Ohnuki – “Inori” from Alfa/Yen: We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Peach Cobbler 2

Peach Cobbler
Georgia Peach
Ajax Records, 1995, CD

1. Sunday
2. Indian Giver
3. Come On In My Kitchen (by Robert Johnson, 1936)
4. Peach
5. New Jersey Breakdown
6. The Queen Of The Hallway
7. White Cat
8. Future Blues (by Willie Brown, 1930)
9. Early This Morning
10. Moonlight On Georgia
11. Beyond Colours
12. Children At CBGB
13. Distorted Truth
14. Denver (After A Snowstorm) (by Tampa Red, 1934)
15. Music Building Breakdown
16. Robinson’s Island
17. White Bird
18. Hard Time Killin’ Floor (by Skip James, 1931)
19. Police Dog Blues (by Blind Blake, 1929)
20. Song-Bird
21. Whistlin’ Blues (by Reverend Gary Davis, 1960’s)

Unless otherwise mentioned, music by Dominique Grimaud, Sue Garner & Rick Brown.

Peach Cobbler is a French-American collaboration between Dominique Grimaud and Monique Alba of Video-Aventures and Rick Brown and Sue Garner of Fish & Roses/Run On/The Scene Is Now/V-Effect/Timber, etc.

Musique concrete mixed with Delta blues.



Illuha / En – West Coast Tour 2

Illuha & En
West Coast Tour, Summer 2012 – Starts last night, continues Tuesday!

8/2: Oakland, CA | Subliminal Festival | Illuha, Lawrence English, Gregg Kowalsky, Paul Clipson
8/7: Portland, OR | Worksound Gallery | Illuha, En, Marcus Fischer + Strategy
8/8: Bellingham, WA | First Presbyterian Church of Bellingham | Illuha, En, Mathieu Ruhlmann
8/9: Vancouver B.C., Canada | VIVO | Illuha, En, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Constantine Katsiris
8/10: Seattle, WA | Chapel Peformance Space @ The Good Shepherd Center | Illuha, En, Marcus Fischer

Subliminal Festival: with Lawrence English, Illuha, Gregg Kowalsky, Paul Clipson – Liminal Space, Oakland 0


Conducted by Lawrence English & Paul Clipson
Wednesday, 1-August 3:30 – 7:30pm

During this field trip, a limited group of participants (15 max) will spend time with Lawrence English and Paul Clipson while capturing environmental recordings in the magnificent redwood forests of the East Bay. This exercise in phonography and film will foster a newfound appreciation for our natural surroundings and create a platform for meaningful interaction between artists/participants while exploring the locality. Participants are encouraged to bring their own portable recording gear, and various techniques and approaches to effective capture will be covered. Full day schedule, and workshop plan details will be communicated in advance via email to participants. Roundtrip transportation from Liminal Space to Redwood Regional Park provided.

Conducted by Lawrence English & Paul Clipson
Thursday, 2-August 3:00 – 5:30pm

Following the field trip, Lawrence and Paul will give a workshop and informal lecture about their approaches to the work – both in terms of studio technique, aesthetics and field trip preparation for familiar or extreme environments (specifically in regards to Lawrence – the Amazon, Antarctica, the Outback) as well as other issues relating to the use of field recordings as a means for documenting, creating and transforming environments. Both artists encourage conversation and questions from participants.

By Lawrence English Illuha, & Gregg Kowalsky, and films by Paul Clipson
Thursday, 2-August 8:00pm

A night exploring the breadth of the spectrum of amplified sound, from the acoustic and environmental, the synthetic and processed, to the timbres hidden in radio signals and the distortion of electricity itself. Stylistically as varied in their approaches as the sound sources and the materials used to sculpt them, international artists in their own right, over decades of work all three composers have established themselves as vanguards of their form. Expect an evening of both extreme dynamics and subtle susurration, of immersion in nuanced tonalities and the lashing of dissonant cascades.

Crystal Text 0

New Paul Clipson video for a track off the new Young Moon.

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