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The Beatles – Revolution Take Your Knickers Off

Total freakout original 11-minute version of the first recorded White Album track bridges Revolution #1 and #9 sans Yoko. Presumably pressed to disc by one of those nut-mad collectors that sit on sonic treasures for years, then leaked over the internets. Thanks to anonymous. Check the WEIRD synth washes! This shit is the real thing.

  1. gd on February 22nd, 2009

    this is awesome!
    thanks, ive been on a huge beatles kick recently.
    i think OBAMA brought the beatles back.

    i love to tape warble manipulation on john’s vocals. i hear YOKO on this too!
    i dont think those are synth washes, sounds like guitar to me, i dont think the beatles got involved with synths until a little bit after this. (george did make electronic sound in 69)

    have you heard ‘what’s the new mary jane?’ from around the white album time?
    its an amazing unreleased john lennon track. super freaky and trippy.

  2. tylerw on February 23rd, 2009

    Yeah this is awesome — according to the Lewisohn book “Complete Recording Sessions”, that synth wash is a tape loop of all four Beatles singing.

    “But two tape loops made for dropping into the recording of ‘Revolution 1’ never actually made it and remain on the original tape, unused. One was of all four Beatles singing, at length, “Aaaaaaaaah”, very high register. The second was made from a rather manic guitar phrase, played high up on the fretboard. A rough mono remix of take 20 was made and was taken away on a plastic spool by John Lennon at the end of the session. (Lewisohn, 136)”

    You can DL this track over here:

  3. Maxwell on February 25th, 2009

    thanks for the insight tyler.

    now that EMI has claimed rights to the bootleg all/most YouTube clips have been taken down.

    here is yet another place to d/load the track: