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Ghost – Barn Owl w/ Paul Clipson @ The Independent, April 28th

Barn Owl w/ Paul Clipson

April 28th
The Independent, SF

From the Ghost website:

Ghost Touring America This Spring
Arigato Ghost Fans!!
Now that George Bush is out of the White House, Ghost will now grace the U.S. with a tour!!! YEY!!!!
here are some of the upcoming venues & dates. Check Drag City and this site for any changes, or additional news & dates

  1. Maxwell on April 29th, 2009

    this show ruled! killer set by barn owl with the latter half totally acid psych style. loved it. ghost started out all bar rock and got cosmic. amazing! talked with batoh masaki and kurihara michio after the show. batoh-san does acupuncture. next time i’m in tokyo…