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Bulbs – Light Ships

Bulbs – Swinsons

Pete Swanson (he of Yellow Swans/Jerk) has started a new label, Freedom To Spend (?!?!) and has just dropped his first CD by the Cali/Texas duo of Bulbs. If i’m not mistaken, this is the first outing by the two (William Sabiston – post Axolotl & Jon Almaraz) and wow, is it weird. William’s sound is somewhere in the realm of rhythmic robotic sex and/or drum machines slowly dying in the night. In other words, he takes on the veneer of programed beats, but kneads his whole kit (electronic / acoustic) into a pointalistic hailstorm that avoids any reference to dance music. John’s guitar work is caustic enuff to peel paint, with huge swashes of pedal board crust and high frequency stabs. The funny thing is, he still maintains a sound that is just downright pretty. I know that doesn’t really make a lot of sense..but like I said: This disc is WEIRD. Really nice for when your feeling a little anxious. Pick it up direct from the label, or over at mimaroglumu.

  1. Scott on April 18th, 2008

    If they had only called it “Light Shjips”, then they’d be raking in the dough.