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Black Dice, Wolf Eyes, Sic Alps + Others @ OCD Warehouse, May 29

Black Dice
Wolf Eyes
Sic Alps
Pod Blotz

VJ Kamau Patton
DJ McDuece

Friday, May 29th
OCD Warehouse
758 Natoma (@ 9TH), SF

  1. ^ on May 21st, 2009

    ticket info?

  2. truth seeker on June 3rd, 2009

    well, for the record, and feel free to provide a real correction. ahem Toothpowder, oh i see you were kidding earlier. whoops. somebody sure is full of shinola here and just about nobody i talked to got their 10 or 12$ back from OCD. please correct me on that one because it’s a darn shame but that’s a lot of money. and i do believe we are leaving out the red cups of beer/money exchange. there was a bar there too. The show did not happen. the 2 openers played and as wolf eyes went on, the ocd people pulled the plug. sure they had their hands full maybe. i did not see any cops. normally when you see this type of shutdown the cops escort or standby waiting. didn’t see it. maybe i missed that part. ok, sure. but still, time to pay people like half their money back right? I would estimate 300 people at OCD?… I’m not good at that though. also… i saw grgg’s yelp post on the OCD business site. it was there for two days, got 3-6 thumbs up/useful flags and then was pulled entirely.