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Preston Ari Swirnoff – MAARIV

Sweet set of new electroacoustic pieces from California resident Preston Swirnoff. You may recall his name from the massive Monosov/Swirnoff four LP set Eclipse dropped a while back. Or from his out rock duo (also w/ Ilya Monosov) The Shining Path. Or form that crazy Habitat Sound System dub record he made. Jeez. Busy much?

Anyway, I walked into AQ last weekend and picked this up because the first track was playing and I was instantly like “What the fuck is this?” & “Can I please buy it?”The mix of rolling piano thunder and electronic fog had me drooling on my shirt. Dreamy dreamy stuff. The other three tracks hit the whole Mills Collage / SF Tape Music Center vibe but in a much darker inner space kinda way, and with out any academic pretension.  Track 3 is another highlight, Swirnoff using tape speed to turn guitar harmonics into shimmering bell tones that bounce around like little stars. Perfect music for night. Out now on CD via Last Visible Dog.

MAARIV 1 For Piano And Electronics (edit)

  1. Montezuma on May 19th, 2008

    Stunning ! thanks for the turn-on.