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The Floating World – Unda


The Floating World
Barl Fire Recordings CD-R

“One can imagine wandering through the hillsides in some far off country, and being lured by the haunting melodies drifting like tendrils of smoke, only to find the ruins of a church, where the music can somehow still be heard. It’s that heavy and emotional and timeless. Every melody is wreathed in lush reverb and diffuse sonic overtones, drifting and floating, barely there but at once heavy with the weight of a million souls, soaring effortlessly over a strange backdrop of barely audible rumbles and shimmers. Some of the tracks are a little bit droney giving those tracks the feel of some sort of raga, but the sound of the flute and the arrangements are too delicate and airy, and at the end of each phrase it feels like the wind carries it heavenward where it is lost in the clouds before the next phrase begins. Absolutely lovely.”