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Gregg Kowalsky – Tape Chants USA Tour, June 2009


Gregg Kowalsky w/ Ben Bracken
Tape Chants USA Tour June 2009

June 8th at Enemy with Ben Bracken, Brent Gutzeit (chicago)
June 9th at WNUR radio with Ben Bracken (chicago)
June 11th at 518 Basement Show with BB (ann arbor)
June 12th at Farichild Chapel with BB (oberlin, oh)
June 13th at Bunk Warehouse with BB, Microwave Window (cincinatti)
June 14th at Morning Glory Cafe with BB, Mike Tamburo (pittsburgh)
June 15th at Pyramid Atlantic with Ben Bracken (washington, dc)
June 16th at Tarantula Hill with Carly Ptak, BB (baltimore)
June 17th at Bard College with Ben Bracken (bard college)
June 18th at Axiom Center with BB, Oneohtrix Point Never (boston)
June 19th at Modern Music Guild with BB (albany)
June 20th at Monkeytown with BB, Ben Vida + Koen Holtkamp (brooklyn)