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Maryanne Amacher

If you don’t know the name Maryanne Amacher, get to know it. Amacher is widely known for her epic site-specific sound installations that often times take up multiple rooms and require multiple speaker systems and crushing volumes.

I remember reading an article on her in The Wire back in 1999 and just being floored by the descriptions of her work. After picking up Sound Characters, on Tzadik, I’ve been obsessed with her output. Though she is often lauded for her “third ear music” (psychoacoustic illusions and the perception that the sounds are coming from one’s own head), I was always more interested in her long-form drone pieces that would take hours, or even days to fade out, creating an after-aural image in the ear/mind, similar to how staring at the sun leaves a burned ring in your vision. Seriously heavy.  

Ecstatic Peace has got a great couple of clips from the film “Daytrip Maryanne” on their website. Poor Thurston Moore has his ears ravaged to the delight of Ms. Amacher.