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Michael Vetter – Zen Koto

Michael Vetter
Zen Koto
WERGO / Spectrum LP, 1986

A1. Wo? (Where?) Hier! (Here!) – 12:00
A2. Darum ?! (Therefore?!) – 11:24
B1. Jetzt… (Now…) Du: (You:) – 24:44

Improvisational koto playing is a bit of an anomaly. The instrument is steeped in so much tradition and study that you’ll rarely hear (good) improv centered around the koto. Don’t be fooled by the new agey title, this warmly recorded, spacious document is a glaring exception, a welcome diversion from the mold, and if anything, supreme evidence of how multifaceted the koto is. Though Vetter doesn’t seem (at least to these ears) a studied player, his approach to the instrument is fresh and full of wonder. Thanks Greg for passing it along!


  1. gk on February 28th, 2010

    love the artwork. nice

  2. rangefinder on March 2nd, 2010

    I’ve not listened to this in years. Thanks for the reminder to go dig it out.