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Stan Brakhage

Recently came upon archived episodes of Stan Brakhage’s ‘The Test of Time’ radio show, a wonderful mix of music, readings and commentary from this seminal filmmaker.

First three are linked below, go directly to the UBUWEB site for the rest. The interview with Pauline Kael is also highly recommended.

Program 1

Program 2

Program 3

Here’s the prelude to Dog Star Man for good measure:

  1. Jefre on March 25th, 2010

    really a joy to listen to…

  2. Evan on March 28th, 2010

    What a find. I never heard him talk before… and how soft-spoken. He sure does have some great and interesting things to say about the music ! I’ll be sure to listen to these a lot. Perfect for Sunday mornings, I presume.

  3. Evan on March 30th, 2010

    Wow. I’ve been listening to one each day. These are invaluable. He is making so many rapid-fire connections between movements within the avant-garde concerning visual, sound and literary art.. and yet maintaining an incredible sense of eloquence and accessibility. What a great show. I can barely wrap my head around how great these are.