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Q&A – Duane Pitre

1: Analog or Digital?
For recording…it all depends on what is being recorded, but if analog available, most of the times I like a mixture…tape first, digital later. That’s how it went down with Origin.

For listening, I like vinyl. Though again, digital can work nice for certain releases/pieces.

2: What time did you wake up today?
A bit after 7am

3: Last thing you read?
Currently reading “Green Witchcraft” by Ann Moura (Aoumiel)

4: Whats your first memory?
A 70’s vibe of sorts, generally speaking.

5: Tea Or Coffee?
Coffee in the morning, and maybe tea later on. With the hotter months upon us in New Orleans we like to rock iced tea quite a bit.

6: Last thing you cooked?
It was either my specialty, cracked black pepper and Braggs pan-fried tofu…or pasta with baby shitake mushrooms and garlic in a red sauce. But Lauren (my girlfriend) does most of the cooking and she is an incredible cook.

7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?
One of the elementals I think…and of those I’d have to pick the Wind.

8: What inspires you?
Trees, rocks, water, wind, light, nature in general I suppose, architecture, brilliant minds that think differently than most, niceness, sharing….etc.

9: Last record you played?
While typing I’m listening to The Water Wheel by Hazma El Din on voice and oud.

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?
Hmmm…well that changes throughout time of course, but for now it would be my Manta touch sensitive controller coupled with a Max patch. The patch was built for me by a friend and has several sections within it, one being a tunable virtual synth that the Manta “talks” to.

11: Last movie you saw?
Some of “Gandhi” last night, but last completed movie would be “Genghis Blues,” which was a killer doc about the blind SF-based bluesman Paul Pena and his journey to Tuva to “compete” in the annual Tuvan throat singing contest. Dude is killer.

12: Who do you love?
Many…my lady, family, friends….and puppies, haha.

13: Do you have any pets?
Yep, a 6 month old Chocolate Lab named Roux…or his full name is (haha) Roux Sha La Bête Du Monde Pitre.

14: Are you useful?
At times I don’t feel so useful, but mostly I think I am, well I hope.

15: Biggest fear?
Not being useful it seems.

16: What do you value the most?

17: Famous last words?

Duane Pitre lives and creates in New Orleans. Apart from stunning works on Important Records, Trome Records and NNA, he has worked with countless collaborators and has performed extensively in the US and Europe. Look for his newest full length release, ‘Origin’, on Root Strata this Spring.

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