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Yellow Swans – Last Show At Sonar 2008

Video of Yellow Swans recent show @ Sonar 08 via The Wire. Sad to say this was their last one ever. Happy to say we can all look towards the horizon for any number of archive releases and a final full length on Load in 09.
Peace out bros.

File: Quicktime, 929kbps stereo
Length: 4:58 (32.97MB)

  1. pete on July 29th, 2008

    thanks for posting this, but.. our last record may not come out on Load.. we want it to for sure, but it may not be Ben’s deal and I don’t want to jump the gun.. there will be a “final studio album,” but may end up being on another label..

    aside from that, we definitly have releases planned for

    an En/Of LP
    a CD of our VPRO session on Mort Au Vaches
    a Split LP with Oakeater
    and a track on the Y installment of the Zelphabet series