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Stephen P. McGreevy’s ground-based ELF-VLF recordings

Check this ELF- VLF Wav file first.

Then read this from Stephen’s Website:

“Recorded in a remote location by the Whitemud River in northwestern Alberta, Canada, about 45 miles/60 km north-west of Peace River, AB on 02 June 1996 at approx. 1030 UT (4.30 a.m. MDT).
‘Natural Radio’ describes naturally-occurring electromagnetic (radio) signals emanating from lightning storms, aurora (The Northern and Southern Lights), and most importantly, the Earth’s magnetic-field (the Magnetosphere).
This is a presentation of Earth’s natural radio emissions that occur in the extremely-low-frequency to very-low-frequency (ELF-VLF) radio spectrum–specifically, at AUDIO frequencies between approximately 100 to 10,000 cycles-per second (0.1 – 10 kHz).
Unlike sound waves which are vibrations of air molecules that our ears are sensitive to, natural radio waves as received at ground-level are vibrations of electric and magnetic energy (electromagnetic waves) which–though occurring at the same frequencies as sound–cannot be listened to without an audio-frequency ELF-VLF radio receiver to convert the natural radio signals directly into the same sound frequencies”

Lots more about this via this site, and yes, you need the CD.

  1. Andrew on July 31st, 2008

    Anyone who’s into this should check the CDs by Disinformation on Ash International as well – plenty of obscure wondrous (sometimes) naturally occurring audio detritus to get lost in….

  2. Michael on July 31st, 2008

    also here:
    Stephen P. McGreevy – Electric Enigma: The VLF Recordings of Stephen P. McGreevy

  3. weis on August 5th, 2008

    the cd is just a compilation of mp3 files, right? does he have releases that’s a standard cd?